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Mohamed Al-Daradji (Film & Moving Image Production, 2006)

Mohamed Al-Daradji (Film & Moving Image Production, 2006)

Mohamed studied our MA Film and Moving Image Production course (now MA Filmmaking), where he specialised in cinematography. It was during his time at our university he directed his debut feature film, 'Ahlaam', which was nominated for an Oscar.

Mohamed's second feature film, 'Son of Babylon' was shown at the world renowned Sundance, a key annual international festival for independent cinema, in January 2011. Mohamed was recently the subject of an interview in the Guardian. Guardian journalist Kate Connolly writes:

What is most remarkable about 'Son of Babylon' is that it was made at all. Filmed entirely on location in Iraq, its makers took the decision that if it was worth doing, the project had to be made in situ, in tribute to the war-torn land and its long-suffering citizens. "I had invitations to film it in Jordan and Morocco," says Al-Daradji. But, he says, "we were not just making a film. I was making it for my family, for Iraq, for a nation which exists, but has not yet been discovered by the outside world. Which exists, arguably, only because we've filmed here."

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