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Peter Davis (Public Relations, 2005)

Peter Davis (Public Relations, 2005)

Peter Davis is the Managing Director of Get Glossy Pty Ltd., a social media marketing agency based in Melbourne, Australia.

Whilst studying Peter took advantage of Leeds Beckett's exchange program which took him to the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology for the second semester of his second year. As soon as he finished his degree he was back on a plane to Melbourne and within a couple of weeks was working for one of the Australian Rules Football teams in a marketing role. He also worked at one of the big horse racing clubs before moving to his dream job at IMG, the largest sport marketing company in the world.

He says: “the exchange program changed my life, and though I'm not sure my Mum likes it, I now live on the other side of the world and am loving every minute of it. My time at Leeds Met helped me realise that if I want anything in life I'm going to have to go out and get it myself. Most importantly I think though it gave me perspective that not to take things too seriously and not to get arrogant; you need to surround yourself with people who think the same way, and are probably smarter than you.”

Peter and his fiancée (now wife) then set up Get Glossy, a social media marketing agency. After two and a half years they have a team of 12 and work with some highly recognisable brands. He says: “I really enjoy running my own business, and we're in a really lucky position where we can choose who we want to work with, and have great working and personal relationships with all of our clients. I find that in business it's all about not taking yourself too seriously. Even if you're doing a really good job, just keep on enjoying it and even if others talk you up, don't believe the hype!”

Peter cites his career highlights to date as: “I love being ahead of the curve (largely due to the work experience I was able to gain early on). I've worked on some amazing events, such as the Australian Open, and bringing Tiger Woods out to play in Melbourne, but honestly it's all about when I take a step back from what we're doing and think, yeah, things are going quite well and then just getting back to it. I also enjoy doing speaking gigs in front of big rooms full of smart people who are really interested in what I have to say and really value my opinion.”

When asked about his favourite memories of his University are Peter says: " I loved my time in Leeds, it's an amazing city and I love heading back when I'm in the UK. My favourite memories are the things that we all took for granted, getting up and not knowing who'll be crashed on the sofa in the lounge, heading round to mates houses for breakfast and even just walking back to Headingly with mates after lectures. If I have to pick one, I'd say the time when I captained the University Lacrosse team against Leeds Uni and we destroyed them.”