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Rebecca Harwood (Language Studies, 2010)

Rebecca Harwood (Language Studies, 2010)

Rebecca Harwood graduated from Leeds Beckett University in 2010 with a First in Language Studies, with Spanish as her main language but also studied part-time German and Italian. She is now teaching Spanish and German at a Selby High School.


During her 4-year degree Rebecca spent one year in Spain where applied to be a Language Assistant through the British Council. In July of 2008 she was offered a place in a high school in a small town called Huesca in the north-east of Spain. She says: “I had never heard of it, or of any of the bigger cities around it and remember feeling really envious of friends who had been given placements in cities like Madrid and Barcelona but in hindsight I am the one they should have been envious of! I was able to completely immerse myself in Spanish culture and spoke the language at every opportunity. As well as being a Language Assistant I also did private tutoring and taught intermediate English to adults.”


Rebecca says: “Before going to Spain I felt I was well-prepared thanks to the dedication of the lecturers and language assistants. In our final year after we had all spent our year abroad we were stretched by the lecturers and assistants; what we had learned in Spain (and Latin America) was really put to the test. We had intense classes in which we really put our skills to the test and delved deep into the language. I left Leeds Met not only as a fluent Spanish speaker but as someone who really understood the intricacies of the language, and also those of my mother tongue.”


Her amazing experience as a Language Assistant in Huesca spurred her on to work in an English high school during her final year and then to apply for a PGCE. She completed the one-year course, in which she undertook two placements in schools and qualified as a secondary school languages teacher in July 2011.  Rebecca currently works at Selby High School teaching Spanish and running a German lunchtime club.