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Samantha Auckland (Nursing, 2012)

Samantha Auckland (Nursing, 2012)

Samantha has been nursing since 1985 and wanted to update her knowledge and learn new skills. She came back to our university do a postgraduate diploma after doing a undergraduate course in Nursing in 2003.

Most of the modules on the Postgraduate Diploma, I have to be able to do at my current role so things like nurse prescribing, advanced clinical skills have been very practical so the course itself is really well structured.

The course has equipped me well and give me the skills to do my job better. The nurse prescribing – being able to prescribe medication for patients, whether its antibiotics, whether it's steroids, whether it's someone who's  got a chest infection, those sorts of things are the routine day to day stuff that you need to do. As a district nurse I was a nurse prescribe, so I could prescribe dressings and things like that for patients, but I couldn't prescribe actual medication whereas now I can do so that really makes a big difference – so rather than them going back to their GP all the time it's something I can prescribe which makes life a lot easier for patients because they get seen quicker and they get their treatment a lot quicker as well.

I've always recommended Leeds Met, I feel its worth going and I've always found the Leeds Met a really good place to study. I did my first degree there going back quite a few years ago as well, that was again in nursing – BSc Primary Health Care Studies.