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Vandana Sharma (Public Relations, 2009)

Vandana Sharma (Public Relations, 2009)

After working and studying PR in England, Vandana returned to India where she is the Senior Communications Manager with Approach Communications, a PR Agency based in New Delhi.

Whilst studying for her MA in Public Relations she developed a diverse skill-set enabling her to use various communication channels to meet the needs of her clients. She also took advantage of being associated with charitable groups such as Leeds International Student and Business Network (LISAB), and Read International UK which helped her establish herself within the sector and also support causes she was passionate about.  

Whilst studying at Leeds Met she worked as the PR Coordinator with Asian Lite Newspaper in Manchester before taking a full-time opportunity as a volunteer with Read International UK which sent books to children across Uganda and Tanzania.

Vandana decided to return to India where she is working as a Senior Communications Manager and loving the opportunities this presents.

"I really enjoy my job and now that I have been given a senior position my responsibilities have grown though I love the challenges this brings. I really think that the skills I acquired at Leeds Beckett University at the time of my degree were more than enough. I love being ahead of the curve. It's a great time to work in PR in India as it's just building up which means I've been able to establish myself here and gain a foothold in the industry. I'm also really enjoying the work culture in India which I think is quite different to England.”

“If you ask my favourite time at Leeds Beckett University was-  It was when I was member of Leeds International Student and Business Network (LISAB) where in I was chosen to develop relations with Leeds Businesses and invite them to take part and help students to become their interns and develop their skills plus expertise in PR. Leeds will always hold a special place in my heart!”