Working together for success

Leeds Beckett University and our Students’ Union are committed to working in partnership with our students to ensure that our University is an inclusive, safe and engaging learning environment which is conducive to study for its students and work life for its staff.

Our Student Charter sets out how we can do this by working together to understand and fulfil our commitments to one another. Our Student Charter has been produced jointly with the Students’ Union and we will review it, together, every year. Our University’s Vision seeks to put students at the centre of all our activities and this Student Charter is a contribution towards that goal. The Leeds Beckett Student Charter is not a contractual document, but provides a guide to what members of the Leeds Beckett Community can expect of each other in terms of engagement and behaviour.

Professor Peter Slee, Vice Chancellor
Meg Robinson, Students’ Union President

We work to shape and sustain a supportive, safe, inclusive community for active learning and the building of skills for life.

We will:

  • Work together within a progressive, independent, and active environment which promotes lifelong learning
  • Support a culture of personal and academic resilience
  • Collaborate to build partnerships for learning
  • Work together to sustain our bold, industrious spirit

We forge an environment which builds trust, accountability and transparency.

We will:

  • Maintain mutually respectful codes of behaviour
  • Promote the availability of information and support for all
  • Ask for help when we need it
  • Be honest, clear and assertive with each other
  • Use the means available to give a compliment, raise a concern or make a complaint
  • Take advantage of opportunities for formal and informal learning

We foster inclusive academic, cultural, social, emotional and creative development for all.

We will:

  • Share an exciting and challenging curriculum which is contemporary and relevant
  • Promote a culture of critical enquiry and rigorous scholarship
  • Support participation in extracurricular opportunities which enhance career and personal development
  • Enable one another to plan, develop, and drive forward our individual educational and career goals
  • Acknowledge and celebrate our joint and separate successes

We are responsible, diligent, reliable and considerate in our academic and professional actions and behaviours.

We will:

  • Act with academic integrity
  • Listen to and respect the differing perspectives of those from different cultures and backgrounds
  • Work together within a positive collaborative learning and working environment, wherever, and however, we engage
  • Take care with our personal and professional digital identity and recognise the impact it may have on us and others

We seek active engagement, feedback and participation in the issues that affect us.

We will:

  • Work together to enhance our experience of our University
  • Collaborate to promote learning and support enhancement, through mutual reflection and feedback
  • Build partnerships to enable our University communities to engage with our external stakeholders
  • Support the development of courses which prepare our graduates to be ready for work, ready for life and ready to seize the opportunities that lie ahead
  • Use our knowledge of local and world issues to strengthen our global outlook and build a sustainable environment for a thriving future for all