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Dawn's story

An encounter with Battle Back proved to be the turning point for Dawn Ronson, after she was forced to withdraw from army life following a severe shoulder injury.

Dawn served for ten years in the army, initially as a Combat Medical Technician and subsequently as a Military Nurse. After breaking her shoulder, she was unable to use her left shoulder, and for a while, was unable to use her left arm. It was, as she admits, a shattering experience which radically altered her life and let her unable to work. She experienced severe pain and psychological trauma as a consequence of her injury, a situation which worsened when she discovered she was to be discharged from the army in 2013. The impact of this was worsened by the news that her best friend had been killed while serving in Afghanistan.

She was faced with the difficult decision of what career to pursue in civilian life. Her injuries barred her from continuing her job as a nurse, and she was forced to consider an alternative occupation.Dawn Ronson

Dawn was assisted in this process by her Recovery Officer, who, working with Battle Back helped to introduce her to Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), a tool which provided the key to her own personal recovery, and which additionally offered her the chance to rebuild her career.

As Dawn says: “Thanks to Battle Back coaches who introduced me to NLP I progressed to complete my NLP Practitioners courses.

“I was in a place in the past which was very scary and unhealthy, and now I have been able to overcome the issues I'd faced, turn it around into passion and now I want to help others who are in that place now.

Sadly, Dawn’s newly-acquired NLP skills were unable to help a close friend who she met while working with BattleBack. She explains that Bradley Paul took his own life while struggling to cope with the depression, pain and general issues faced by medically-discharged.

She added: “I was speaking with Brad the week before it happened, and I explained what my business was and how it could help.

“Unfortunately I could not help Brad as he was already struggling more than he let any of us know. This is why the business is so close to my heart.”

Since working with Battle Back, Dawn has gone from strength to strength and has now completed and achieved her Master Practitioner of NLP, Master Coach, Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy and Master Hypnotist qualifications.

She recently visited Las Vegas where she was recognised as a trainer in NLP and hypnotherapy.

Dawn concluded: “The week in 2013 honestly changed my life. At the time I was in a very bad relationship and this was heightened by my then injuries and mental state. After a week with Battle Back, I did not return to my relationship, they organised somewhere else for me to go back to, so I could think and be safe.

“I was able to see things differently. I will always have Battle Back and the coaches, some of which I am still in contact with now, close to my heart and mind as without them, I could not have made it to be where I am now.

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