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Budgeting Basics

One of the best feelings in the world is seeing your bank account after your loan comes in. One of the worst is realising how quickly it’s going to run out. Fear not, though, there are plenty of ways for a finance savvy student to stay on top of their money. Here’s our rundown of some of the budgeting basics that can help keep money woes off your mind during your studies.

Christmas clean up

Christmas Clean Up

You’re so close to heading home, you can almost smell your mum's cooking but don't forget about your university home before leaving.

Tips for a friendly flat

10 tips for a friendly flat

Oh no! You’re going to have to put up with strangers for a whole year and what’s worse is they’ll have to put up with you! Well the good news is that they won’t remain strangers for long and if you follow our handy tips, you’ll become a housemate hero in no time!

6 Top Tips

6 Top Tips After A Top Night Out

Nightlife in Leeds pretty great (as we’re sure you’ll have already found out). The buzz will likely continue all the way home and most students’ journeys back go without incident. Even so, as the clocks go back and the evenings get dark, it’s a good idea to take on board our 6 top tips for keeping safe after a top night out.

Rhapsody in Bloom - The Tournament

And so it began amongst men. One clean, crisp Sunday morning, on one fine April day, and with the exuberance of Spring prevalent and accommodation banners waving in unison; football player and fan alike gathered together and gazed in wonder as a re-enactment of Camus’ philosophic declaration played out in the arena of morality of the football lawn.