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Henry Moore’s exam results in Modelling, 1921

Moore…than meets the eye, revisited

Exploring archive material found in our Archive and Special Collections at Leeds Beckett reveals more than meets the eye about Leeds Beckett’s association with the original Leeds College of Art and sculptor Henry Moore.

Leeds Polytechnic

Leeds Arts in the 1970s

Guest blogger Professor Gavin Butt, Attenborough Chair in Drama, Theatre and Performance at the University of Sussex, writes about his project dealing with the relationship of Leeds arts schools and bands – Keith Rowntree.

Blurb: another notable book from the collection

Gothic Architecture: a lecture for the Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society by William Morris

Standing under the mosiac...

There are so many circles, and so many left incomplete. Many years ago, as a fresh-faced fine art graduate I once applied for a job at what was once called the Jacob Kramer College, now restyled as the Leeds College of Art.

Humber super snipe

Are we nearly there yet?

My dad used to drive an old Hillman ( it was actually my grandad’s), we used to have weekend trips in and around Northumberland and the Borders.

No one lights a lamp and hides it…

Making more people aware of the hidden collections here in the University was an important part of setting up the Archive and Special Collections. One major component was to create web pages which would begin to introduce our collections to a wider public.  Our Archive and Special Collections pages are now live.

Dodging the demolition

Recently I was alerted to the imminent demolition of back to back houses in Holbeck, in particular to a house and shop that was once headquarters of the International Labour Publications.


Finally finished!! For the past year I have been painstakingly compiling an inventory of books held in our combined collections of the West Yorkshire Society of Architects Library and Leeds School of Architecture Library.

A gathering of spectators

We have recently acquired the archive of Leeds Met Gallery and Studio Theatre, which is very exciting.

Technically it's bread

Owen Simmons was a lecturer at the National School of Bakery in London. He held many bread making and baking distinctions including being the top ranking United Kingdom bread making medalist in 1886. He was an obsessive about bread and his book published in 1903 called ‘The Book Of Bread’ is one of the most curious ‘cookery’ books.

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