To get you started here's some things you might want to know about your new home...

Get your bearings in the first few weeks by finding your nearest...

  1. Supermarket: Waitrose, Aldi & Asda located in Meanwood
  2. WorkoutThe University gymPure Gym &  Nuffield Health Gym
  3. DoctorsWoodhouse Medical Centre

Where can I do my laundry?

There are pay-as-you-go laundry facilities on site.

Where do I collect my post?

Each flat has it's own lockable post box. You will be given a key for this on arrival. For larger items that cannot be delivered, you will need to collect these from the nearest Royal Mail office.

What's my new address?

Meanwood Road Leeds LS7 2DJ

How do I get to Headingley Campus?

Sugarwell Court is conveniently located for both campuses. It's just over 2 miles away, so is a 45-minute walk. However, if you fancied getting there a little faster, cycling will take you just 15 minutes, and the number 69 bus around the same.

Did you know…You can hire a bike from the University from as little as £35.

How do I get to City Campus?

City Campus is slightly closer, at just 1.5 miles away. You can walk there in 30-minutes, cycle there in 10, or take the 51, 52 or 69 bus to get you there in just 20 minutes.

What can I do nearby?

As well as everything that Meanwood has to offer it also has the hub of Headingley and Hyde Park activity at arm's length that offers even more shops, takeaways, bars and restaurants. If you need a dose of countryside Meanwood has its very own farm. The Meanwood Valley Urban Farm is a city farm of 14 acres, which is home to some organic gardens as well as sheep, horses, goats, and a whole host of other animals that you can go visit.

Events and Advice

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