WorkLife Balance at University

Finding the time to fit in coursework, paid work, socialising and time for yourself into everyday life may seem like a challenge for some students, especially if you’re living in a busy flat. Or you may feel like you suddenly have lots of time that isn’t structured, making the day’s stretch ahead with nothing to do. It’s important at University that you find a balance!

Plan your time

Managing your time well can help you achieve more while living a balanced life, reducing stress and overcoming procrastination.

To use your time well you need a plan. Without one, time will slip away and you’ll suddenly find yourself graduating with regrets that you could have done more.

So get a diary and plan out each week, including those hungover mornings. Try dividing your plans into fixed commitments, such as assignments that must be submitted on time and flexible commitments, those things that could wait until another time.

Then allot time to complete these tasks - but be realistic. If you can’t fit tasks onto a sheet of paper then they won’t fit into the day.

Don’t say yes to everything

Have you been offered an extra shift? Or are all your mates going out? But you know you have a pile of uni work to do…

There are a lot of opportunities at uni, from joining different clubs to taking on a part-time job or just hanging out with new people. It’s important to know when to say no and how to avoid stretching yourself too thin.

Try setting a goal for the year and then prioritise everything around that.

Have fun!

All the things you do that are outside of your studies contribute to your overall experience of the world.

You have probably been told that university will be one of the best times of your life, so enjoy it!


If you find you are struggling with finding the balance, try talking to your Residential Officers. Residential Officers are responsible for the welfare and pastoral care of students living in residences and are your main point of contact if you experience any problems during your time in our residences.

Alternatively, the University’s Wellbeing Team offers a free and confidential service to help manage any difficulties you may experience during your time at Leeds Beckett.

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09 Nov 2021
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