New Year New You - Realistic Resolutions

Tired of making the same old New Year’s resolutions, knowing full well you won’t stick to them? Even though most of us truly want to be healthier, get more exercise, and improve our daily lives, our resolve to do so just doesn’t seem strong enough for us to follow through.

We have picked some potential resolutions for you that a realistic and will actually have a positive impact on your life…

1. Delete Tinder and try to talk to people in real life.

2. When you say ‘Let’s meet up soon’, actually do it.

3. Become so organised with your laundry that you don’t have to sniff things you’ve picked up off the floor to see if they are clean enough to wear again.

4. Delete the Facebook app from your phone and only log in to check it once a day.

5. Smile more!

6. Add more colour to your life. Choose your fruits and vegetables as you do your friends – the more colourful the better.

7. Drink more water!

8. Buy a diary… and use it.

9. Turn your phone off before going to bed.

10. Walk more - If it’s less than 2 miles, WALK!


If you really struggle to stick with your resolutions, follow these key steps:

1. Pinpoint your most realistic resolutions.

2. Write down your resolutions.

3. Focus on one change at a time.

4. Use positive language rather than negative demands when thinking about doing your resolution.

5. Make the change a gradual one.

6. Get some support and keep you focused.

7. Review your progress.

8. Build on your resolutions when you're doing well.

9. Celebrate. Remember to celebrate your successes

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09 Nov 2021
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