It’s not just your average bar/restaurant! Here are 9 things you didn’t know about The Vault, even if you’ve already been…

1. There’s a study area

Need somewhere to get your work done? Head over to the Study Room. It’s open 24/7 with everything you need for a productive session... Wi-Fi, plug sockets, desks and yes, even chairs to sit on! You’ll find the space next door to The Vault so you can fuel up on coffee and energy drinks ahead of that all-nighter.

2. You can hire it out

The Clubhouse is your space. Use it for film marathons, box set binges, exercise classes or society events. It's a really flexible space that is only limited by your imagination. Booking is free for Leeds Beckett students so if you need a space for your next party or social, look no further!

3. There’s a snooker table, table football and table tennis

You don’t have to go out and spend a fortune if you’re bored. Challenge your friends to a game while enjoying a cheap drink from the bar.   

4. It’s got a pub quiz

The pub quiz is one of the most popular nights at The Vault with around 120 people usually attending. Take part in the free smart quiz and you and your team could win a £30 bar tab (that’s 13 pints of Fosters or 15 house spirits and mixers). 

5. Watch live football

With Sky Sports and BT Sports, The Vault is the perfect place to enjoy watching sport while enjoying a drink and some food.

6. It’s cheap

Where else can you go nowadays and get a pint for £2.25 or a large glass of wine for £2.75?

7. There are loads of offers

Not only is The Vault great value it also has so many great offers to choose from, including two cocktails for £7 all week 8pm to 9pm, 20% off Happy Hour on beer, cider and wine all week 5pm- 6pm and a beer and a burger for £6 all week all day!

8. Netflix

Don’t worry about paying for Netflix, you can go down to the boathouse and enjoy it for free.

9. It hosts loads of event

Whether it’s Karaoke, live music or hip hop night, there is always something going on at The Vault and plenty of opportunities to win prizes.

If you have any questions or want to make any bookings feel free to drop in or contacts The Vault on:


Facebook- @thevaultkirkstall

Instagram- @thevaultkirkstall

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By Accommodation Office
09 Nov 2021
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