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EduTwitter; a space of public engagement and private dilemmas

EduTwitter can become a very volatile place. It is perhaps inevitable that people who use it to express views and share ideas and resources find some of their natural communication styles and proclivities distilled and sharpened there.

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Education is not a preparation for life, education is life! Adding lifeblood to education through CollectivED Fellowship

‘Education is not a preparation for life, education is life!’. This phrase jumped out at me from headteacher Rae Snape’s recent CollectivED Fellowship application.  In ten simple words it captures such wisdom, communicates optimism and also pulls us up short.  

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Moderate Demands become Revolutionary when Leaders Refuse to Listen

Charmaine Roche was the driving force behind a CollectivED symposium held on the 23rd June.  Charmaine is a PhD student at Carnegie School of Education and a member of the CollectivED Advisory Group.  

 Charmaine Roche
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Bridging educational phases and sectors to strengthen practice; welcoming new CollectivED fellows

This blog post starts with a personal reflection and goes on to celebrate the work of six new CollectivED Fellows who work across a range of educational settings both in the UK and internationally. 

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Pre-service Induction problems to be addressed; show me the science…

CollectivED Fellow, Henry Sauntson tells us how to prepare pre-service teachers so they are able to understand the basics of learning science, and are able to apply that knowledge in their teaching.

 Henry Sauntson
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Coaching is more than strategies, it’s also about perception

CollectivED Fellow Mark Dowley tells us how experts and novices perceive differently and how this can be applied in the classroom to develop expert teachers. 

 Mark Dowley

Not at Home

CollectivED Fellow Daniel Duke tells us how he has adapted through the Covid-19 pandemic and how this time has given him space to think and reflect on Education. 

 Daniel Duke
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Finding our Face Mode: courage, coaching and Covid:19

CollectivED Fellow, Kerry Jordan-Daus reflects on her coaching conversations she's had over the last 9 weeks, including self-coaching.

 Kerry Jordan-Daus

Does supervision help school leaders during the pandemic? A new research question

As the DfE provides guidance for schools to open their doors to selected year groups, and at a time when worries about the trajectory of the pandemic are still very real some headteachers and senior leaders are using supervision as a way of reflecting on and rehearsing complex decisions that are being made.  

A Better Education Built on Networks; Welcoming our New CollectivED Fellows

One of the most interesting aspects of the growing CollectivED community is the inclusion of educators from a range of sectors and continents who are at different career stages and in different roles.  Often their work crosses organisational boundaries and builds and sustains professional networks. 

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