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Academic speaking at a conference

First Research Symposium at National Practitioners PE and Sport Conference

On Thursday 26th September colleagues from School of Education successfully delivered the first research symposium for the Youth Sport Trust’s (YST) Learning Academy.

child giving another a child a piggy back ride on a running track

Walk to School Week

Our bodies are designed to move (Designed to Move, 2012), however, due to the rapid rise in industry and technology, young people in the UK are experiencing lifestyles that are more sedentary than ever.

Body image and mental health

The rise of social media has led to an increase in the number of digitally manipulated images and researchers across the globe are giving increased attention to the effect of digital editing on young people’s self-esteem.

Mental Health in the Early Years and in Primary Schools

Schools can play a significant role in reducing mental ill health in children and young people but this is a sticking plaster which masks the underlying causes of poor mental health.

Mental Health in Young People

Mental ill health in young people appears to be increasing. There is a link between social deprivation and mental ill health. Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), including abuse, neglect and insecure attachments with primary caregivers also contribute to poor mental health.

apple in tree

Landfill or Lunchbox, should we really be eating this rubbish?

On the 10th of January 2019 the BBC ran a story entitled Hungry children “eating from bins” in Morecambe, and within it Collingwood, a Head Teacher, reports one in ten of the pupils at her school come from families using foodbanks (BBC para. 3).