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A Matthew Effect in Early Career Teaching? How to look to the future with help from ITE

In this new blogpost CollectivED Fellow and SCITT Director reflects on the impact of entering the teaching profession during the pandemic. 

 Henry Sauntson

The legacy of mentoring

October 27th is National Mentoring Day.  This is a day to acknowledge the impact of mentors across all walks of life, and to take time to consider our own role or potential as mentors to other. 

Planning for observation of novice teachers

CollectivED Fellow Henry Sauntson, tells us how important it is for mentors to remember their trainees are not yet fully fledged teachers and they need to support them in many different ways. 


 Henry Sauntson

We are Carnegie Educators

We are Carnegie Educators; celebrating the expertise of the Carnegie School of Education ITTE team

Building the future; the legacy of professional learning

On Saturday 25th April, while browsing twitter I noticed two familiar faces featured in the Schools Week timeline.

Mentors Matter; unique challenges and opportunities for new teachers in an uncertain time.

In March 2020 the journal Professional Development in Education published a new research paper with the title ‘I would be a completely different teacher if I had been with a different mentor’: Ways in which educative mentoring matters as novices learn to teach’. 

The new 'PE with' Ebacc scheme

A positive step to support recruitment issues in priority subject areas or an insult to the profession?