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High school students listening to a talk and clapping

Bridging the Generation Gap to Produce Peer Mentoring Programmes for Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking Children in Leeds

On 4 September, seven students were awarded Certificates of Attendance for their contribution to the development of a new Peer Mentoring Programme designed to help Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking Children (UASC) settle in to life in Leeds.

two men engaged in mentoring discussion

Celebration story with a sting in the TALIS

This short blog offers reflections on three things which happened on Wednesday 19th June 2019 which were of note to me.

children being read a book by teacher

Partnering with students and primary schools to raise future aspirations

The high levels of engagement from the pupils demonstrated the importance of sharing a love of learning with primary children.

child laughing

Developing Agency through Social Innovation

On the thirteenth of June the BBC report that “Nurseries in deprived areas ‘face closure over funding gap’”.

Scene from a stage play

Education advisory groups: policy formation as repertory theatre

Anyone with a passing interest in education will have noticed the increasing frequency with which advisory groups spring up.

story makers

Story Makers Company: Working with children to make stories that matter

Which stories matter and who says that they matter?

child laughing

Graduate in two years - accelerated degrees

In August 2017, the Carnegie School of Education opened its doors to a new cohort of students on a new accelerated degree in Primary Education.

Leeds Beckett University School Updates
Esther Cummins Esther Cummins
A sports coach

The new 'PE with' Ebacc scheme

A positive step to support recruitment issues in priority subject areas or an insult to the profession?

adult students learning

Whose knowledge, whose culture? Re-thinking theory through restorative approaches

A few years ago I was teaching a session on barriers to learning as part of a session concerning educational practice for adult students. We were using the classic motivation theory of ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ created (as I understood it) by psychologist Abraham Maslow in the 1940s.

climate blog

Creative Possibilities: The Foundation of Story Makers

The recent Youth Strikes 4 Climate Change by children was one of the most hopeful collaborative political acts that I have witnessed.

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