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Being an inclusive ally; a way of being

An ally is someone who supports under-represented groups and takes action to bring about change. Adrian McLean suggests that inclusive allyship is a ‘way of being’. This strikes a chord with me because at times we use the same phrase about coaching. 

When assessments fail the test

On 15 January 2021, a story on the BBC website reported on an A-Level student who started a campaign to ‘scrap any external exam assessments’ stating that, “he was concerned the ‘quality of learning’ for pupils had been so varied that it would be unfair to expect students to sit externally set assessments”. The student added: “there needed to be a system that considered the ‘varying circumstances’ in which pupils were studying”. 

 Scott Boldt

The legacy of mentoring

October 27th is National Mentoring Day.  This is a day to acknowledge the impact of mentors across all walks of life, and to take time to consider our own role or potential as mentors to other. 

Through and beyond the pandemic; implications for supporting the teaching profession

The pandemic has shed light on the role of education networks and the need to feel supported.  As leaders and teachers adjusted to the new normal official guidance was often hard to come by, policies and practices were constructed on the hoof and adjustments were made down the line.  Spaces opened up to develop new ways of working, and some educators had more capacity and confidence than others to occupy these spaces.  At times it must have felt like a race, and at other times it was probably a relief to see a peer get one step ahead and forge a way that that they could mentor you through.  

Moderate Demands become Revolutionary when Leaders Refuse to Listen

Charmaine Roche was the driving force behind a CollectivED symposium held on the 23rd June.  Charmaine is a PhD student at Carnegie School of Education and a member of the CollectivED Advisory Group.  

 Charmaine Roche

Why Kindness Matters?

The last few months have been difficult for everyone. We are living in unprecedented times. Our lives have been restricted in ways which we could never have imagined. Many people are missing social contact and some are experiencing loneliness and isolation. Many of us are worried about the health of our friends, family and work colleagues.

Can WE be the midwives of our own future? A call to the education sector

In this blogpost CollectivED Advisory Board member and Carnegie School of Education PhD student Charmaine Roche invites participants to join a special CollectivED symposium.

 Charmaine Roche

Problems mount for transgender young people during COVID-19 lockdown

Transgender (trans*) healthcare, for children and young people, is bureaucratic and limited at the best of times, but COVID-19 has brought with it it’s unique set of own challenges.

Building the future; the legacy of professional learning

On Saturday 25th April, while browsing twitter I noticed two familiar faces featured in the Schools Week timeline.

NQTs thoughts on ‘Home Teaching’.

Coronavirus lockdown is difficult for us all. But we must try not to let children fall through the gaps.