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When assessments fail the test

On 15 January 2021, a story on the BBC website reported on an A-Level student who started a campaign to ‘scrap any external exam assessments’ stating that, “he was concerned the ‘quality of learning’ for pupils had been so varied that it would be unfair to expect students to sit externally set assessments”. The student added: “there needed to be a system that considered the ‘varying circumstances’ in which pupils were studying”. 

 Scott Boldt
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Moderate Demands become Revolutionary when Leaders Refuse to Listen

Charmaine Roche was the driving force behind a CollectivED symposium held on the 23rd June.  Charmaine is a PhD student at Carnegie School of Education and a member of the CollectivED Advisory Group.  

 Charmaine Roche
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CollectivED ‘Let’s Talk About…Better Professional Conversations ’

In lieu of our planned CollectivED / GCI conference in June (now rescheduled for November 9th) we are hosting a new webinar series drawing on the conference themes of Better professional conversations; enhancing education one discussion at a time.

Can WE be the midwives of our own future? A call to the education sector

In this blogpost CollectivED Advisory Board member and Carnegie School of Education PhD student Charmaine Roche invites participants to join a special CollectivED symposium.

 Charmaine Roche
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Is the Department for Education rushing through the new Reception Baseline Assessment?

The DfE is set to enforce the highly controversial ‘Reception Baseline Assessment’ (RBA) examination for 4-5 year olds this September despite the Coronavirus pandemic.

The right response?

As abnormal becomes our new normal, many people have missed memorable experiences that will never be recovered.  Whilst the severity of the impact of the coronavirus will differ from person to person, it is important to ask: how do we respond to adults and children alike in this situation?

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The Alwoodley Reading Project - World Book Day

We have a saying in our office: ‘Keep it real!’ Keeping it real for our second year Primary Education 5-11 and final year Primary Education 3-7 trainees, (with QTS), includes the Alwoodley Reading Project, first established in 2013 and extended following our Ofsted Phonics Monitoring Visit in 2015. 

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Let's talk about better leadership and culture

Education leadership is often talked about in hushed terms, there are so called hero-heads, there are numerous personal published narratives on leading schools, and we borrow and build theories of educational leadership.

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Let's talk about... the profession and professionalism

There are some enduring questions about teachers and school leaders as a profession. What does it mean to be part of the teaching profession? Are teachers too often ‘done to’, or are they viewed as having emerging expertise? As professionals do they feel isolated or part of a unique and significant community? Should we be more concerned with the individual person or the characteristics of the collective?  How are individual educators’ lives shaped by and contributing to the profession as a whole?

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Let's talk about... challenges and opportunities in coaching

Often on social media practices such as coaching are presented as silver-bullets. In education there are many versions of coaching adopted and some are contested, some highly marketed, some are short-lived school-based innovations and others become woven into the professional fabric of schools.