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Windrush 72nd Anniversary

On the 72nd anniversary of the Windrush migration and in the light of recent events, we would like to republish this piece from our first Story Makers Dialogues, issued in 2018.

Story Makers Press Novel

This National Writing Day I’ll be doing a virtual ‘author’ visit to a local primary school where the children have been reading the first Story Makers Press (SMP) novel, The Nightmare Catcher.

Schoolchildren create new book to empower female BAME pupils

Schoolchildren have created a new book which it’s hoped will empower female BAME pupils thanks to a collaborative project with Leeds Beckett University.

Reimagining Home Together: Saving Planet Anksi!

An interactive story for children aged 8-12 years in response to COVID-19.

Story Makers Festival: A critical response to the imagination gap felt by children

Collectively reimagining the ways in which we can live together and share this planet is more pressing than ever! 

Story Makers Company: Working with children to make stories that matter

Which stories matter and who says that they matter?