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The olympic rings

International Olympic Committee - Respiratory Illness in Athletes

Dr Oliver Price has been invited to contribute to the IOC Consensus Statement.

Laura Weightman

Students gain insight into the practical application of sport and exercise nutrition in elite sport

MSc students gained a real insight into sport nutrition in practice during a guest lecture delivered by Ruth Wood Martin, Lead Performance Nutritionist with the Irish Rugby Football Union and two-time 1500m Olympian Laura Weightman.


Marathon running: a battle against both the body and the mind barrier

The big run is finally here, hours and miles of training completed and you have gels and trainers at the ready. Whilst a target time is in mind for completion, mostly you just want to complete it without premature exhaustion and without fatigue preventing you crossing the finish line. How do our bodies and minds execute this?

Dietary protein and resistance exercise: partners in the fight against muscle weakness

A diet that provides the right mixture and amounts of nutrient is a prerequisite for good health across the lifespan. However, achieving optimum nutrition is not always attainable for a variety of reasons.