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Nessan Costello

Leeds United Performance Nutrition & Leeds Beckett University

Nessan Costello - Leeds Beckett lecturer and head of nutrition at Leeds United explains his role within the univesity and Leeds United.


How to lose weight and keep it off - according to science

Losing weight is often at the forefront of many people’s minds at the start of the year. But if weight loss was your goal for 2019, chances are that by now, you’ve probably already experienced some challenges.

Evolution of Man

Plain lazy or efficiently evolved? The challenge of behaviour change

Most of us have a desire, or intention, to change our behaviour. Being more active, eating fewer biscuits and drinking less beer might be highly compelling for our happiness, or indeed vital for our health.

Leeds Beckett University Dr Stuart Flint
 Hannah Leahy

Dietary protein and resistance exercise: partners in the fight against muscle weakness

A diet that provides the right mixture and amounts of nutrient is a prerequisite for good health across the lifespan. However, achieving optimum nutrition is not always attainable for a variety of reasons.