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A PE coaching session at Leeds Beckett

PE does matter

This week a series of blogs have celebrated National School Sport Week.


Dance in Education Affirming its position and place

Personally, I believe it is all down to students’ aspirations to achieve and possess the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding of the dance practice engaged in.



Why do we need to know what parents think of Physical Education and School Sport?

While there has been substantial research that explores the influence of parents on children and young people’s engagement with physical activity and sport, to date there has been little research of parental beliefs about, and perceptions of, Physical Education and School Sport (PESS), especially in the UK.


Coach 5

Pedagogies for social justice in Physical Education: what should student teachers learn?

There is a wealth of research evidence that suggests newly qualified teachers of Physical Education  (PE) tend to have high levels of subject knowledge but a relative paucity of pedagogical expertise.

Sports coaching workshop

What do you remember most about PE?

This week the Youth Sport Trust celebrates Physical Education and School Sport (PESS) through National School Sport Week in the UK.

Professor Anne Flintoff, Dr. Bonnie Pang, Dr. Beccy Watson

Marie Curie Individual Fellowship Success - Rethinking the Health Experience and Active Lifestyles of Chinese Students.

Two senior academics in the School of Sport, Emeritus Professor Anne Flintoff and Dr. Beccy Watson, have won prestigious European Union, Marie Curie Individual Fellowship funding.

Leeds Beckett University Professor Anne Flintoff
Dr Beccy Watson Dr Beccy Watson
John Allan

Using Outdoor Adventure to build resilient learners for a 21st Century University Entry

Concerns about young adults' growing mental health problems and disengagement from university have been attributed to their declining resilience. This poses a serious challenge to every HE institute; all are facing a unique array of demands on services at a scale never seen.

Tom Quarmby Crop

Opting out and opting in to physical education

A recent article on the BBC website noted that, for a variety of reasons, some boys are disengaging from Physical Education by purposefully forgetting their kit. Such strategies may be more common among particular groups – especially vulnerable youth, including those who are ‘care experienced’.