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Football Club Community Trusts Tackling Global Health Issues Locally

While the nation is gripped with following the Women’s World Cup, it is important to remember that the work of football extends from global competitive events to global challenges including health and wellbeing.

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Getting your Research Heard: Ways to Engage with UK Parliament

This blog outlines the key methods and channels for engaging with UK Parliament.

Get Healthy

Get Healthy, Get Active: A successful physical activity intervention for inactive community-dwelling older adults?

Globally, less than 12% of older adults (≥65 years) are physically active daily and over 60% spend more than ten hours per day engaged in sedentary behaviour.

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European Respiratory Society International Fellowship

Dr. Oliver Price - Senior Lecturer in Exercise Physiology - has been awarded a fully-funded International Research Fellowship by the European Respiratory Society (ERS.)

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Where's your 'social pollution'?

Did you catch up with some reading over Christmas? I had been eyeing my growing pile of skim-read titles for weeks into the run-up to the break. One cracker (no pun intended) from what I did read is still with me. It is Jeffrey Pfeffer’s ‘Dying for a Paycheck’ (2018). Read on if, like me, you find it difficult to combine doing well and being well with helping others do the same.

Active Lifestyles

A Pedagogical Exercise on Digital Sociology - Team Sky and Le Tour de France

The last Sunday of July saw the final stage of the arduous and most famous three-week pro’ cycling event: Le Tour de France (TdF). France (TdF).

Gender Research Conference

The relevance and visibility of gender scholarship?

‘Let’s face it, they need to focus on the basics rather than things that are peripheral to good teaching!’ In 1983, my first year of teaching here at Leeds Beckett, this was a colleague’s response to my suggestion that a new question be incorporated into a worksheet we had designed to help Physical Education (PE) student teachers evaluate each others’ lessons.

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A short while ago I created a video where I talked about an intention to make my research more accessible.

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