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Where's your 'social pollution'?

Did you catch up with some reading over Christmas? I had been eyeing my growing pile of skim-read titles for weeks into the run-up to the break. One cracker (no pun intended) from what I did read is still with me. It is Jeffrey Pfeffer’s ‘Dying for a Paycheck’ (2018). Read on if, like me, you find it difficult to combine doing well and being well with helping others do the same.


A Global South View on the Copa Libertadores Final in Madrid

It was bad enough that Boca Juniors’ players were violently attacked by River Plate fans as they drove to the stadium (see BBC, 2018). Then, given the security threat, the game - the second leg of the prestigious Copa Libertadores final - was immediately postponed.


France - the FIFA World Cup Winner - and the Territorial Prison Theory of Identity

Once France won the FIFA Men’s World Cup a new topic occupied media attention (see BBC, 2018; The Local, 2018) - how ‘French’ was the French team? One commentary stood out; comedian Trevor Noah joked that Africa, not France, had won the World Cup, mostly because of the ethnic origins of its players (see Trevor Noah’s Instagram post).

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Some Reflections on a Digital Sociological Turn to Sport Sociology

Different academics propose that the ubiquity of digital devices, and most specifically social media platforms in our daily lives, has had a profound impact on the way we understand and experience culture and society.