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Rachael Lax

A Journey Back to Education

Years after leaving education, Rachael Lax shares with us how she returned to university to study BSc (Hons) Sport Studies (Top-Up) at Leeds Beckett University, in order to pursue her dream career of becoming a teacher.


Coaching female athletes (Part 2) – Put the athlete first!

As described in my previous post on the carnegieXchange blog, I have recently moved into a role where, for the first time, I am providing S&C coaching to a group of high-performance female athletes. Part 1 of this reported information on the differences between male and female athletes, gathered to inform my practice in this role. This post is a reflection on how I modified my practice both in response to the research I’ve done and through what I have learnt through coaching the all-female group.

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Jason Tee

Coaching female athletes - What's really different?

It has been a momentous last few months in female sport, with a number of significant milestones achieved. The recent Rugby League World Cup hosted by Australia was the first to ensure equal provision for the male and female competitors regarding facilities, accommodation and medical support at an international tournament.

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Andy Abraham

Cognitive Bias - As Bad As Our Biases Would Have Us Believe?

Over the course of my work as an educator, often with very clever and experienced practitioners I have heard several saying the words; “but that might just be my bias”. These words have made me curious and so I thought it might be useful to explore what biases are.

Children's sports coaching

Why so many children's sports coaches are unqualified and underpaid

Millions of men, women and children take part in sport and physical activity every day. And across Europe, around 9m sport coaches support them to fulfil their personal and collective goals. This compares to around 6m teachers.

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