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Technology, society and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

At a recent Leeds Beckett Innovation Network event, Jamie Morgan, Professor Economic Sociology, spoke about the opportunities – and challenges – of the rise of Artificial Intelligence. In this post, he considers the impact of the forthcoming ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence - the verge of a revolution?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its potential impact for businesses was the subject of a recent Leeds Beckett Innovation Network event at the Yorkshire Post. In this blog post, Dr Abdulrahman Altahhan – who spoke at the event - considers the opportunities and challenges of AI.

Jury still out on whether Eugene Goostman passed the Turing test

Following recent reports that a computer program named Eugene Goostman which imitates a Ukrainian teenager has won an artificial intelligence competition at the Royal Society in London, Professor Colin Pattinson assesses the potential advancement in artificial intelligence.

 Professor Colin Pattinson