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Gender research

Challenging gender inequalities through research

This month, Leeds Beckett held its first annual Gender Research Conference, showcasing the wide range of research taking place across the University. In this post, Anne Flintoff, Professor of Physical Education, looks back on her career researching gender issues in sport and looks towards a positive future of gender equality.

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Dr Caroline Bligh

Groundbreaking seminar on Care Experienced Young People

Last month, a seminar was held at Leeds Beckett University to share research and expertise around care experienced young people’s education and wellbeing. In this blog post, Dr Caroline Bligh reflects on the impact of the day.

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Arthur France and Emily Zobel Marshall

Celebrating Caribbean Carnival Culture in Leeds

This May, a three-day international conference to celebrate Caribbean carnival culture was held at Leeds Beckett University for the first time. In this blog post, conference organiser, Dr Emily Zobel Marshall, looks back on the success of the event whilst looking forward to the future of Caribbean carnival culture research at the University.

ALDinHE presentation

How do we make distance learning the best it can be?

In this post, Lyn Farrell, Online Learning Tutor at Leeds Beckett University, shares her experience of hosting a northern conference, bringing together expertise to ensure the best experience for higher education distance learners.

 Lyn Farrell
Trees in a park

The contribution of green spaces to health and wellbeing

In this blog post Jenny Woodward, Research Fellow, Centre for Health Promotion Research and Dr Eric Brymer, Reader in the Carnegie School of Sport, reflect on a recent conference which discussed the contribution of green spaces to health and wellbeing.

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National Writing Day: mapping the region’s stories

In this blog post Dr Rachel Connor, Course Director in the School of Cultural Studies & Humanities reflects on a recent event held at Leeds Beckett to celebrate National Writing Day.

Social Science and the Emerging Strategies for Industry and Research

On Tuesday 21 March, the Yorkshire Chapter of the Academy of Social Sciences held a meeting at the University of Leeds. Jonathan Long, Professor in the Research Institute for Sport, Physical Activity and Leisure at Leeds Beckett University, and Brendan Gough, Professor of Social Psychology in the University’s Centre for Men’s Health, attended the meeting and share their reflections in this post.

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 Professor Jonathan Long

Is it really grim up north?

Last week, PhD students Michael Reeve and Andrew McTominey hosted an event at the Leeds Library to explore how regional identity is expressed across the North of England. In this blog post, they share their experience of the successful event.

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Tackling discrimination in sport

Leeds Beckett University recently hosted the second annual Sport and Discrimination conference, which brought together academics, campaigners and practitioners specialising in examining and challenging racism, sexism, homophobia, disability and class within their sports and fields. Organiser, Dr Dan Kilvington, blogs about the successful event and looks forward to next year’s conference.

Midnight robber

Resistance through ‘Robber Talk’: The Transcultural Carnival Trickster in Trinidad

Dr Emily Marshall has recently returned from the ‘Turning Tides’ conference in Trinidad, hosted by the University of the West Indies. In this blog post, Emily shares with us the ideas behind her presentation at the conference on the Trinidadian carnival trickster, The Midnight Robber.

Dr Emily Zobel

Caribbean Carnival Culture

Earlier this month, Our University's Centre for Culture and the Arts held a successful Caribbean Carnival Symposium, bringing together a community of people involved in and interested in the Caribbean carnival, including such hugely popular events as the Notting Hill and Leeds West Indian Carnivals. Dr Emily Zobel Marshall organised the event with Dr Max Farrar.

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A Visit to the American Folklore Society

In this post, Dr Emily Marshall reports on her recent trip to Santa Fe to attend, and present her research on Brer Rabbit, at the American Folklore Society's annual meeting.

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Europe Made in Africa

In today's blog post, Dr Robert Burroughs of the Leeds Beckett University Centre for Culture and the Arts shares his experience of the recent 'Europe Made in Africa' conference, which took place in Sweden.

Considering Media and Place

On Friday 11 and Saturday 12 July, Leeds Metropolitan University held a Media and Place conference to launch a new masters degree in Media and discuss research from around the world. Dr Lynne Hibberd was one of the organisers of the event.

 Dr Lynne Hibberd

How will we use media during the Tour de France?

The Tour de France is coming to town tomorrow and Lynne Hibberd is reflecting on the way that we now use media to document such moments in time and place, leading up to Leeds Met's Media and Place conference next weekend and the launch of the new masters degree in Media.

 Dr Lynne Hibberd

International Opportunities for Students and Staff in Sport, Leisure and PE

As Leeds Met prepares to host a conference which explores international sport and leisure opportunities within UK higher education, Professor Jonathan Long looks at the benefits of international exchanges in higher education.

 Professor Jonathan Long

Mens Health Week 2013

Professor Alan White, Professor of Men's Health at Leeds Met, gives us his thoughts on the forthcoming Men's Health Week, which runs from 10 to 16 June and aims to tackle stigma in men’s mental health and promote mental well-being and help-seeking in men.

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