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Demanding more from match analysis in the women's game

As a football fan, it is hard not to get excited about a World Cup, and this Women’s World Cup has certainly been a fascinating event to follow.

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Against the Run of Play: An Investigation into Women Footballers' Negotiation of Gender

The 2019 Women’s World Cup showcases the growing interest in women’s football, with over 6 million people watching England play against Scotland and Cameroon.

Thinking sociologically when comparing women's and men's football

In the build up to any major women’s football tournament, popular debate often inevitably turns to comparative discussion of women’s abilities in the context of their male counterparts.

Jon Dart

Sport may be an opium of the people but it matters

Senior Lecturer Dr Jon Dart, from Leeds Beckett University's Carnegie School of Sport, talks about the importance sport.

Dr Dan Kilvington

In terms of discrimination in football we have a long way to go

In this post, Dr Dan Kilvingon, Senior Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies, looks at the misjudged comment of Football Association Chief Executive, Martin Glenn, who was forced to apologise for an offensive comment in relation to the FA’s rule banning political symbols.

Football Welcomes Refugees

This weekend the broadcast and print media gave coverage to the Football Welcomes campaign. Amnesty International won the support of over 20 professional football clubs to mark the 80th anniversary of the Guernica bombing. Importantly though, the campaign extends to grassroots football and the press release from Amnesty featured the work of Yorkshire St Pauli in Leeds.

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Managing the England Football Team - A Permanently Poisoned Chalice

In this blog post, Professor Stephen Wagg explores the challenge that Gareth Southgate faces as he is confirmed as the England football manager.

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Social Media: a new site for racism in football

Irrespective of the credibility of claims that racist abuse has been largely eradicated from football stadiums, there is growing evidence of a large volume of abuse circulating among the ‘prosumers’ (producers and consumers) of social media, say Professor Jonathan Long and Dr Dan Kilvington in today's blog post.

 Professor Jonathan Long
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Homophobia in sport - a response

In this post, Professor Kevin Hylton and Professor Stephen Wagg respond to a recent BBC survey looking at whether sports fans would be comfortable with their club signing a gay player and comments made by Football Association chairman Greg Clarke.

 Professor Kevin Hylton
 Professor Stephen Wragg

Mental preparation key to helping the Red Dragon roar

In this blog post, Dr Andrew Manley, Principal Lecturer in Sport & Exercise Psychology at Leeds Beckett, explores the recent success of Wales at Euro 2016 and the importance of sports psychology in their approach to the tournament.

Serial winners - Leeds Beckett study gets to the bottom of why some coaches get to the top... and stay there

Winning is not the Holy Grail of sport, winning consistently and repeatedly is. Even this week, José Mourinho, in the wake a poor start to the season, openly questioned his Chelsea players at a press conference for not being ‘serial champions’.

Governance under questions following FIFA corruption arrests

With Fifa hit by a corruption scandal that saw a number of arrests earlier this week and Fifa president Sepp Blatter under increasing pressure to resign, Simon Robinson Professor of Applied and Professional Ethics, and Director of our Research Centre for Governance, Leadership and Global Responsibility assesses the situation from a governance perspective.

English Football is a White Institution

In this blog post, Professor Jonathan Long and Professor Kevin Hylton from the Carnegie Faculty at Leeds Beckett University, assess the potential benefits of introducing the Rooney rule to the UK.

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 Professor Kevin Hylton
Sainsbury's Christmas advert

Christmas is for Winning

Today's Daily Mirror asks: Is the Sainsbury's Christmas advert 2014 a moving tribute or a cynical commercial? Leeds Beckett advertising expert and course leader for BA (Hons) Marketing and Advertising Management, Neil Kelley, contributed his thoughts about the new advert to the article and in this blog post he delves into the recent phenomenon of the Christmas advert.


Mega-sized sporting events too often fail to deliver health legacy

In this post, Dr Daniel Parnell, Senior lecturer in Sport Business Management assesses how mega-sized sporting events often struggle to deliver a health legacy.

 Dr Dan Parnell

Just who is responsible for Suárez?

Following the now infamous behavior of Suárez within the World Cup 2014 and the ensuing media frenzy, Dr Daniel Parnell, Senior Lecturer in Sport Business Management considers who is responsible for helping ensure that football reduces the risk of this happening again.

 Dr Dan Parnell

From protests to England’s early exit, Brazil 2014. Has anyone even mentioned the health legacy of the World Cup?

Following the exit of England in the World Cup 2014 and in the backdrop of the performance related narrative engulfing media attention, Dr Daniel Parnell, Senior Lecturer in Sport Business Management considers whether this mega-event can offer any hope for a health legacy.

 Dr Dan Parnell

Coaches cannot survive on reputation alone

Following the news that Sunderland have sacked their manager Paolo Di Canio, Leeds Metropolitan University sports psychologist Dr Andrew Manley looks at the impact that a coach's reputation can have on the attitudes and behaviour of players.

Following in Sir Alex's footsteps...

Dr Andrew Manley, Senior lecturer in Sports Psychology at Leeds Metropolitan, comments on Sir Alex Ferguson's impending retirement, and the impact on the team and his successor.