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From Apocalypse and Dystopia to Bridget Jones’s Diary – International Women’s Day and Women’s Writing

Academics from the School of Cultural Studies & Humanities are involved in the Leeds Lit Fest and will be interviewing American author Diane Cook.

Inside Leeds Library

Through The Pages: 250 Years Of The Leeds Library with Ruth Robbins

In this blog post, Professor Ruth Robbins discussed with current student Georgia McEneaney one of her most recent projects: working with the Leeds Library to create a book celebrating its 250th anniversary.

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Dr Caroline Bligh

Groundbreaking seminar on Care Experienced Young People

Last month, a seminar was held at Leeds Beckett University to share research and expertise around care experienced young people’s education and wellbeing. In this blog post, Dr Caroline Bligh reflects on the impact of the day.

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Arthur France and Emily Zobel Marshall

Celebrating Caribbean Carnival Culture in Leeds

This May, a three-day international conference to celebrate Caribbean carnival culture was held at Leeds Beckett University for the first time. In this blog post, conference organiser, Dr Emily Zobel Marshall, looks back on the success of the event whilst looking forward to the future of Caribbean carnival culture research at the University.

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Partnerships in Health and Well-being: A Focus on Leeds

In this blog post Karl Witty, Team Lead for Community Partnership, reflects on the focus of partnerships in health and well-being in Leeds.

 Karl Witty

Putting Leeds's goth scene into perspective

On the evening of 16 November, in his role as an expert researcher on alternative music and sub-cultures, Karl Spracklen, Professor of Music, Leisure and Culture, was lined up with three other experts to discuss the history of the goth scene in Leeds, and its future.

Historian explores the life of forgotten British antislavery orator buried in Leeds

In this blog post Dr Simon Morgan looks at the life of George Thompson, a British antislavery orator and activist who died in Leeds.

You are here - 'Leaving the City' walk

On Wednesday 1 July, Dr Casey Orr and colleagues Dr Lynne Hibberd and Dr Zoë Thompson organised a 15 mile night-time walk, starting at Broadcasting Place and finishing with a 2.30am full moon lightning sky at Almscliffe Crag. In this blog post, Casey shares her experience of the event.

Devolution of Health and Social Care in Manchester: Revolution or Evolution?

As Greater Manchester prepares to devolve health and social care powers, Rob Newton, Joint Health and Wellbeing Officer for the Institute of Health and Wellbeing at Leeds Beckett and the Health and Wellbeing Board at Leeds City Council, considers the potential impact on the health and social care sector.

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Culinary Master Classes with Yorkshire Carnegie

In this post, Carnegie PhD student and Leeds Rugby nutritionist Debbie Smith, discusses how her research into the dietary requirements of adolescent rugby players fits into an applied environment with Leeds Rhinos and Yorkshire Carnegie.

Enabling partnerships for change

In this blog post Professor Ellis and John Walsh outline some elements of partnerships established between York Street Practice and Leeds Beckett University, and reflect of how partnership working has happened and the dynamics that stimulate its work and life.

 Professor Ieuan Ellis

A sense of belonging

The start of term is now a distant memory and our students are now into the swing of the semester. Education expert, Dr Caroline Bligh, blogs today about finding a sense of belonging in a new community.

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