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Catherine Coates

The NHS at 70 Years - Catherine Coates

Catherine Coates is Director of Practice Learning, Health and Social Care for the School of Clinical and Applied Sciences. Here she talks about her time working in the NHS and how it helps in her current role.

Sue Sherwin

Sue Sherwin - the NHS at 70 Years

Sue Sherwin is the Dean of the School of Health and Community Studies at Leeds Beckett University. Here in celebration of 70 years of the NHS, she talks about her time working for them and how she came to join the university.

Maximising patient and public engagement in healthcare

In a recent opinion piece published in the Health Service Journal (HSJ), Judy White and Mark Gamsu presented their thoughts around moving patient and public involvement in healthcare services from the margins to the mainstream.


New approaches to promote activity vital in stopping 'inactivity epidemic'

In this blog post, PhD Research student Katie Pickering and Professor Jim McKenna reflect on the findings of a recent study which suggests lack of exercise could be killing twice as many people as obesity in Europe.

Education and training for global health workforce planning

In this blog post, Professor Ieuan Ellis, Dean and Pro Vice Chancellor of the Faculty of Health & Social Sciences, looks at the role that UK universities have to play in providing education and training for the global health workforce.

 Professor Ieuan Ellis