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Social Media on a phone

Social media users freely share personal data but fear highly-regulated Government ‘snooping’

Dr Simon Hale-Ross, law lecturer at Leeds Law School, Leeds Beckett University, writes on digital security.

 DR Simon Hale-Ross
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The Facebook privacy scandal proves that if it’s free online, you are the product

Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony to congress last week highlights one of the key issues of our time - Data acquisition by digital corporations and its lack of regulation.


Fake news

In light of the increasing scrutiny of how fake news is spread on social media platforms following the US election result, Sean Dodson, Senior lecturer and postgraduate leader in Journalism at Leeds Beckett, explores the issue and how journalism can stay independent, truthful and fair.


Social Media: a new site for racism in football

Irrespective of the credibility of claims that racist abuse has been largely eradicated from football stadiums, there is growing evidence of a large volume of abuse circulating among the ‘prosumers’ (producers and consumers) of social media, say Professor Jonathan Long and Dr Dan Kilvington in today's blog post.

 Professor Jonathan Long
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Digital Transformation - a sport marketing educator’s perspective

In this blog post, Angela Green, Senior Lecturer, Sport Marketing, in the School of Sport at Leeds Beckett, reflects on some of the digital developments changing the education landscape.

Dietitians in the media

This week is Dietitians Week and in today’s blog post, freelance consultant dietitian and Senior Lecturer in nutrition and dietetics, Ursula Philpot, takes a look at the changing role of dietitians in the media and in health-related television programming.

Friends Reunited

Friends Reunited pioneered social networking in the UK but it might struggle to compete a decade on from its original launch.