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"The ripples are big": Storying the impact of doping in sport beyond the sanctioned athlete

Dr Kelsey Erickson’s new research has examined the experiences of elite athletes personally affected by other athletes’ doping behaviours, revealing that the effects are both far-reaching and enduring. Dr Erickson interviewed high profile competitive and retired track and field athletes from multiple countries and used the findings gathered to compose two creative non-fiction stories. In this blog post, she reflects on the purpose of her research and the stories she uncovered.

 Dr Kelsey Erickson

Coaches role crucial in fighting doping

In this blog post, Dr Laurie Patterson reflects on the recent news that Jon Drummond has received an eight year ban and explores how education needs to be at the centre of coaches engaging with anti-doping resources.

Education key to preventing doping in sport

As news breaks that cyclist Daryl Impey (the first South African to wear the yellow jersey in Tour de France history last year) has failed a drugs test, Professor Susan Backhouse reflects on the importance of education in preventing doping in sport.

Professor Susan Backhouse

A new kind of drug problem

With the news that a leading charity has reported a 645% increase in steroid users, Professor Susan Backhouse in the Institute of Sport, Physical Activity and Leisure considers this emerging issue and what the consequences can be.

Education key in changing doping culture in sport

Following the latest revelations of doping in rugby surrounding Sam Chalmers admitting to using steroids, anti-doping researcher Dr Lisa Whitaker assesses why sportsmen and women consider prohibited substances in the first place and how sport can ensure that both athletes and coaching are properly educated in relation to doping.

 Dr Lisa Whitaker

Doping in sport

In this post, Dr Susan Backhouse discusses the backlash in the sporting world after sprinters Asafa Powell and Tyson Gay failed a drugs tests.

Buyer beware: Supplement false claims and contamination

Dr Susan Backhouse is an expert in the field of doping in sport and nutritional supplement use. In this blog she looks at the false claims of dietary supplements and contamination within the industry.

Lance Armstrong doping scandal

Following Lance Armstrong's admission to doping, it is evident that detection-based deterrence is not effective in deterring all athletes from using performance enhancing substances. More emphasis is needed on prevention.

Livestrong or Liestrong

"The United States Anti-Doping Association (USADA) claims that Armstrong and his US Postal Service Team (UPS) Team "ran the most sophisticated, professionalized (sic) and successful doping programme the sport has ever seen." And as we know he has been stripped of his seven Tour de France titles.

 Robert Minton-Taylor