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Brexit and the Politics of Aid

The politics of UK Aid and of Brexit are deeply intertwined.

International intelligence exchange

In this blog post, Dr Simon Hale-Ross from Leeds Law School at Leeds Beckett, reacts to Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit speech made recently in Florence, with a focus on international intelligence exchange.

 DR Simon Hale-Ross

Brexit is an opportunity to revisit strategy for supply chains

In this blog post Dr Aldred Chinta, Course Director in Leeds Business School, looks at the impact of Brexit on international supply chains

Social Science and the Emerging Strategies for Industry and Research

On Tuesday 21 March, the Yorkshire Chapter of the Academy of Social Sciences held a meeting at the University of Leeds. Jonathan Long, Professor in the Research Institute for Sport, Physical Activity and Leisure at Leeds Beckett University, and Brendan Gough, Professor of Social Psychology in the University’s Centre for Men’s Health, attended the meeting and share their reflections in this post.

Professor Brendan Gough
 Professor Jonathan Long