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Boosting participation in science and engineering

A series of events were held at Leeds Beckett’s University Business Centres to celebrate and explore the role of women in leadership. Ahead of her talk in Wakefield on Tuesday 13 November, Professor Dorothy Monekosso shared an insight into her research, which aims to boost the participation of women, and other under-represented groups, in science and engineering.

Government’s LGBT Action plan

Professor Jonathan Glazzard, from the Carnegie School of Education, has written a response to the government's LGBT action plan, which was published earlier this week.

ECB Reaching Out to South Asian Communities

Four Leeds Beckett University academics have produced a report - South Asian Communities and Cricket (Bradford and Leeds) - on behalf of Yorkshire Cricket Partnership.

 Professor Kevin Hylton
 Professor Jonathan Long
Dr Tom Fletcher
Dr Neil Ormerod

Challenging gender inequalities through research

This month, Leeds Beckett held its first annual Gender Research Conference, showcasing the wide range of research taking place across the University. In this post, Anne Flintoff, Professor of Physical Education, looks back on her career researching gender issues in sport and looks towards a positive future of gender equality.

 Professor Anne Flintoff

In terms of discrimination in football we have a long way to go

In this post, Dr Dan Kilvingon, Senior Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies, looks at the misjudged comment of Football Association Chief Executive, Martin Glenn, who was forced to apologise for an offensive comment in relation to the FA’s rule banning political symbols.

Ending weight stigma and discrimination in 2018

Stigmatisation and discrimination based on characteristics such as sex, ethnicity and mental health has become less acceptable in the UK.

 Dr Stuart Flint

Will the lack of diversity in the events industry be addressed in 2018?

In today's Beckett Trends post, Dr Kate Dashper, Reader in the School of Events, Tourism and Hospitality Management, looks at the lack of diversity in the events industry and if diversity in senior positions will be addressed in 2018.

Gender, PE and Active Lifestyles

In this blog post, Dr Annette Stride reflects on a recent conference held at Leeds Beckett which explored young people’s experiences of physical education, sport, health and active lifestyles.

Football Welcomes Refugees

This weekend the broadcast and print media gave coverage to the Football Welcomes campaign. Amnesty International won the support of over 20 professional football clubs to mark the 80th anniversary of the Guernica bombing. Importantly though, the campaign extends to grassroots football and the press release from Amnesty featured the work of Yorkshire St Pauli in Leeds.

 Professor Jonathan Long

Beyond targets and tick boxes: The challenge is set to create sustainable organisational change to support greater equality

A new report this week by Women in Sport has shown that the number of women getting top jobs at UK sporting bodies is down by 6% since 2014 and that around half of the 68 Sport England and UK Sport-funded national governing bodies have fewer than 30% of non-executive director roles filled by women. In today's blog post, Dr Leanne Norman, Senior Research Fellow in the Carnegie School of Sport at Leeds Beckett, gives her views on what needs to be done to go 'Beyond 30%'.

Social Media: a new site for racism in football

Irrespective of the credibility of claims that racist abuse has been largely eradicated from football stadiums, there is growing evidence of a large volume of abuse circulating among the ‘prosumers’ (producers and consumers) of social media, say Professor Jonathan Long and Dr Dan Kilvington in today's blog post.

 Professor Jonathan Long
Dr Daniel Kilvington

White Lies About Race and Education

On Wednesday 19 October, Leeds Beckett University held its fifth Annual Race Lecture as David Gillborn, Professor of Critical Race Studies and Director of the Centre for Research in Race and Education (CRRE) at the University of Birmingham, presented his talk: 'White lies: things we're told about race and education that aren't true.' In this blog post, Professor Kevin Hylton, Chair of Leeds Beckett's Race Equality and Diversity Forum, and Professor Jonathan Long, share their thoughts on the topics raised.

 Professor Kevin Hylton
 Professor Jonathan Long

Homophobia in sport - a response

In this post, Professor Kevin Hylton and Professor Stephen Wagg respond to a recent BBC survey looking at whether sports fans would be comfortable with their club signing a gay player and comments made by Football Association chairman Greg Clarke.

 Professor Kevin Hylton
 Professor Stephen Wragg

Tackling discrimination in sport

Leeds Beckett University recently hosted the second annual Sport and Discrimination conference, which brought together academics, campaigners and practitioners specialising in examining and challenging racism, sexism, homophobia, disability and class within their sports and fields. Organiser, Dr Dan Kilvington, blogs about the successful event and looks forward to next year’s conference.

Consumption and Class: The Curious Case of Golf

In this blog post Dr Paul Widdop and Dr Dan Parnell, researchers in the Carnegie Faculty at Leeds Beckett University, assess a worrying trend regarding the consumption of Golf, one of the nation’s favourite sports.

 Dr Paul Widdop
 Dr Dan Parnell

English Football is a White Institution

In this blog post, Professor Jonathan Long and Professor Kevin Hylton from the Carnegie Faculty at Leeds Beckett University, assess the potential benefits of introducing the Rooney rule to the UK.

 Professor Jonathan Long
 Professor Kevin Hylton
Professor Kevin Hylton

Black History Month

Professor Kevin Hylton, Chair of Leeds Beckett University's Race Equality and Diversity Forum shares his thoughts about Black History Month.

 Professor Kevin Hylton

Gender matters? Murray & Mauresmo prepare for Wimbledon defence

As Andy Murray begins the defence of his Wimbledon title this week, Dr Leanne Norman from the Institute for Sport, Physical Activity & Leisure at Leeds Met, takes a look at the appointment of Amelie Mauresmo as his coach.