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Catherine Coates

The NHS at 70 Years - Catherine Coates

Catherine Coates is Director of Practice Learning, Health and Social Care for the School of Clinical and Applied Sciences. Here she talks about her time working in the NHS and how it helps in her current role.

Sue Sherwin

Sue Sherwin - the NHS at 70 Years

Sue Sherwin is the Dean of the School of Health and Community Studies at Leeds Beckett University. Here in celebration of 70 years of the NHS, she talks about her time working for them and how she came to join the university.

Where in the world!

Dr Alison Iredale , Course Director at Carnegie School of Education, talks about the success of the Distance Learning PGCE.

Leeds Beckett Logo Dr Alison Iredale

Poor retention = restless, agitated students: Discuss.

In today’s Beckett Trends post, Professor Jim McKenna, Professor of Sport at Carnegie School of Sport, looks at addiction and how it applies to our daily lives.

Five digital trends to look out for in Higher Education in 2018

In today's Beckett Trends post, Simon Thomson, Head of Digital Pedagogy in the Centre for Learning and Teaching, looks ahead to what digital trends we should look out for in Higher Education in 2018.

 Simon Thomson
Professor Jonathan Glazzard

Children's mental health a government priority for 2018

In today's Beckett Trends post, Professor Jonathan Glazzard looks ahead to 2018, which will see the government's newly-published green paper on children's mental health put into action. How will it benefit our schools?

Carnegie School of Education responds to Government Green Paper on children's mental health

In this blog post, Professor Jonathan Glazzard, Professor of Teacher Education in the Carnegie School of Education, responds to the proposals in the Government Green Paper, 'Transforming Children and Young People's Mental Health Provision'.

Rethinking reasons behind lower educational outcomes of looked after children

In this blog post, originally posted on the British Educational Research Association (BERA) blog, Dr Gary Walker, Principal Lecturer in the Carnegie School of Education, examines the issue of lower educational attainments in looked after children.

 Dr Gary Walker
Dr Caroline Bligh

Groundbreaking seminar on Care Experienced Young People

Last month, a seminar was held at Leeds Beckett University to share research and expertise around care experienced young people’s education and wellbeing. In this blog post, Dr Caroline Bligh reflects on the impact of the day.

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ALDinHE presentation

How do we make distance learning the best it can be?

In this post, Lyn Farrell, Online Learning Tutor at Leeds Beckett University, shares her experience of hosting a northern conference, bringing together expertise to ensure the best experience for higher education distance learners.

 Lyn Farrell

White Lies About Race and Education

On Wednesday 19 October, Leeds Beckett University held its fifth Annual Race Lecture as David Gillborn, Professor of Critical Race Studies and Director of the Centre for Research in Race and Education (CRRE) at the University of Birmingham, presented his talk: 'White lies: things we're told about race and education that aren't true.' In this blog post, Professor Kevin Hylton, Chair of Leeds Beckett's Race Equality and Diversity Forum, and Professor Jonathan Long, share their thoughts on the topics raised.

 Professor Kevin Hylton
 Professor Jonathan Long

Autism at uni the challenges and routes to success for autistic students

In today’s Autism Awareness Week post, Dr Marc Fabri talks about his research project, Autism&Uni, and shares some of the project’s insights into the challenges faced by autistic students in higher education, and the support and awareness needed to encourage them to achieve their goals.

A sense of belonging

The start of term is now a distant memory and our students are now into the swing of the semester. Education expert, Dr Caroline Bligh, blogs today about finding a sense of belonging in a new community.

Leeds Beckett Logo Dr Caroline Bligh

Blue sky thinking on Educating Yorkshire

With a one-off Christmas special on the cards for Educating Yorkshire, Dr Caroline Bligh, Senior Lecturer in Education and Childhood, considers what we can learn from the success of Thornhill Community Academy.

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Children now slower runners than their parents

This week a new study revealed that many children cannot run as fast as their parents could when they were young. Professor Jim McKenna, Head of Active Lifestyles Research at Leeds Met, shares his thoughts on the news.

Education and training for global health workforce planning

In this blog post, Professor Ieuan Ellis, Dean and Pro Vice Chancellor of the Faculty of Health & Social Sciences, looks at the role that UK universities have to play in providing education and training for the global health workforce.

 Professor Ieuan Ellis

British education in crisis

Last week it was reported that the literacy and numeracy skills of young people in the UK are among the lowest in the developed world and that pupils are now worse at maths and English than their grandparents, with England being 22nd for literacy and 21st for numeracy out of 24 countries. Dr Caroline Bligh asks why.

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International Opportunities for Students and Staff in Sport, Leisure and PE

As Leeds Met prepares to host a conference which explores international sport and leisure opportunities within UK higher education, Professor Jonathan Long looks at the benefits of international exchanges in higher education.

 Professor Jonathan Long