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Boosting participation in science and engineering

A series of events were held at Leeds Beckett’s University Business Centres to celebrate and explore the role of women in leadership. Ahead of her talk in Wakefield on Tuesday 13 November, Professor Dorothy Monekosso shared an insight into her research, which aims to boost the participation of women, and other under-represented groups, in science and engineering.

Governance under questions following FIFA corruption arrests

With Fifa hit by a corruption scandal that saw a number of arrests earlier this week and Fifa president Sepp Blatter under increasing pressure to resign, Simon Robinson Professor of Applied and Professional Ethics, and Director of our Research Centre for Governance, Leadership and Global Responsibility assesses the situation from a governance perspective.

 Professor Simon Robinson

Follow the leader?

Ahead of next Tuesday's public guest lecture at Leeds Beckett University with Brigadier Greville Bibby, Professor of Applied and Professional Ethics, Simon Robinson, discusses leadership.

 Professor Simon Robinson

Are we still the good guys?

The new Centre for Governance, Leadership and Global Responsibility is set to launch at Leeds Metropolitan University this week on Thursday 1 May. Today's post sees Centre Director, Professor Simon Robinson, look ahead to the launch and the plans for the Centre's future.

 Professor Simon Robinson

Coaches cannot survive on reputation alone

Following the news that Sunderland have sacked their manager Paolo Di Canio, Leeds Metropolitan University sports psychologist Dr Andrew Manley looks at the impact that a coach's reputation can have on the attitudes and behaviour of players.

Leaders - What are they good for?

Do those appointed as leaders in their organisations really understand how leadership is working in their organisations? Jeff Gold, Professor of Organisation Learning at Leeds Met, contemplates the changing role of the leader.

Following in Sir Alex's footsteps...

Dr Andrew Manley, Senior lecturer in Sports Psychology at Leeds Metropolitan, comments on Sir Alex Ferguson's impending retirement, and the impact on the team and his successor.