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Brexit and the Politics of Aid

The politics of UK Aid and of Brexit are deeply intertwined.

Doctor Who aims to destroy from within

A new series of Doctor Who has begun, and it truly is the final straw, the end of the line. Over and out. Those unheeding fat-cat execs have made a terrible mistake, and I predict that the once loyal fanbase will soon turn against the show, the ratings will plummet and things will never be the same.


Wartime Lessons for Recycle Week

Dr Henry Irving is a senior lecturer in public history and is writing a book on the social history of recycling in the Second World War.

This week is Recycle Week. The campaign aims to encourage all of us to recycle more of our household waste and has been marked by various councils, waste management companies and a growing number of retailers.

Jon Dart

Sport may be an opium of the people but it matters

Senior Lecturer Dr Jon Dart, from Leeds Beckett University's Carnegie School of Sport, talks about the importance sport.


Government’s LGBT Action plan

Professor Jonathan Glazzard, from the Carnegie School of Education, has written a response to the government's LGBT action plan, which was published earlier this week.

Social media users freely share personal data but fear highly-regulated Government ‘snooping’

Dr Simon Hale-Ross, law lecturer at Leeds Law School, Leeds Beckett University, writes on digital security.

 DR Simon Hale-Ross

The Facebook privacy scandal proves that if it’s free online, you are the product

Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony to congress last week highlights one of the key issues of our time - Data acquisition by digital corporations and its lack of regulation.


International intelligence exchange

In this blog post, Dr Simon Hale-Ross from Leeds Law School at Leeds Beckett, reacts to Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit speech made recently in Florence, with a focus on international intelligence exchange.

 DR Simon Hale-Ross
Alfred Chinta

Brexit is an opportunity to revisit strategy for supply chains

In this blog post Dr Aldred Chinta, Course Director in Leeds Business School, looks at the impact of Brexit on international supply chains

Politics and business: who is governing whom?

Professor Simon Robinson, Director of the Research Centre for Governance, Leadership and Global Responsibility at Leeds Beckett, discusses the relationship between business and politics.

Leeds Beckett Logo Professor Simon Robinson

Trump, inauguration and impeachment

In this blog post Andrew Morton, part-time lecturer in Politics and International Relations (PIR) looks ahead to Donald Trump’s inauguration as US President on Friday.

Leeds Beckett Logo Andrew Morton

Governance and Poppies

Professor Simon Robinson, Director of the Research Centre for Governance, Leadership and Global Responsibility at Leeds Beckett, shares his thoughts following the recent FIFA poppy saga.

Leeds Beckett Logo Professor Simon Robinson

The US election and the New Politics of Inequality

Whatever happens today in the Presidential contest between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, says Professor Alex Nunn, the US election result will show that we are witnessing a ‘New Politics of Inequality’.

Leeds Beckett Logo Professor Alex Nunn

Civilising the torture and execution trade

“The 21st century has already become the epoch of the torturer”, says Dr Steve Wright, Reader in Applied Global Ethics at Leeds Beckett University. In this blog post, he explores the shocking British involvement in the torture trade and asks, can the torture and execution trade be civilised?

 Dr Steve Wright

The Road to Rio: Some Thoughts on Olympic Politics

In this blog post, Professor Stephen Wagg in the School of Sport at Leeds Beckett, offers his thoughts on the politics of the Olympics ahead of the Games in Rio this summer.

 Professor Stephen Wragg

A Zero Hour World

As zero hours contracts come under more and more scrutiny, Dr Brian Jones considers the pros and cons in today's blog post.

Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny freed on bail

In this blog post History lecturer Dr Kelly Hignett considers the political ramifications following the news that Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has been freed from jail pending an appeal against a five-year jail term, after a conviction for embezzlement, in a case widely condemned as political.