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Creating a greater sense of community

Our students, colleagues and alumni are finding thoughtful, innovative and inspiring ways to respond to the new challenges we are all facing in the fight against COVID19.

Communication channels, trust and messaging about COVID-19: Experiences of populations in three key European countries, UK, Italy and Spain

Working with colleagues at IULM University Centre for Strategic Communication, Milan, Italy, and Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid, Spain, we explore the effectiveness of, and trust in, communication during the COVID-19 crisis. 


Recovery and resilience: The power of productivity

Businesses large and small across the region are striving for their survival - should they forget about productivity till the new normal is the just the normal?


Once a nurse, always a nurse!

In the heart of most healthcare professionals whether they work on the frontline, in education or within a corporate role is the innate desire to have a positive effect on people’s lives.

Student Nurse Taking Blood Pressure

Supporting the Fight Against COVID-19

In the fear and uncertainty that has affected us all over recent weeks, stories of people’s bravery, kindness and good deeds continue to bring hope and a strong sense of community spirit.