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Pandemic awareness, business models and (im)possible futures

In a series of five blogs published by the Real World Economic Review, Professor Jamie Morgan explores the development of pandemic awareness, public health business models and the construction of (im)possible futures.

Economic policy under the coronavirus: an unconventional challenge

The COVID:19 (aka coronavirus) is hitting all aspects of human civilisation, including the global economy and international financial system.

How will new technology shape the world

Professor Jamie Morgan, from Leeds Business School, examines the next step-change in technology, known as the fourth industrial revolution.

Secular stagnation and imbalances in the Eurozone: a new response is needed

The Global Financial Crisis (GFC) of 2008, and succeeding sovereign debt crisis, is still making its impact felt in Europe in the form of sluggish growth and high unemployment, particularly at the periphery. Despite apparently buoyant and benign growth in 2017 and the glittering figure of 0.6% in the 3rd quarter of 2017, output is still well below the long-term trend.

Colonising the Future: The productivity puzzle, March of the Robots, and anxiety versus optimism

The UK has been grappling with a “productivity puzzle”. For the government and Office for National Statistics (ONS) this is something specific. It is the slowdown (described as a downward deviation) of output per hour from its previous upward trend.

The Impact of Brexit on UK Businesses

It is over a year since the referendum vote signalled the start of Brexit, and in that time UK businesses have experienced mixed fortunes.

What has Business got to do with Politics?

What has business got to do with politics? Go to a business school and you might be hard-pressed to find any answer. Yet business has everything to do with politics: regulation, taxes, opportunities for enterprise; government investment in business and infrastructure; lobbying; corruption; the nature and purpose of business, and so on. The arrival of President Trump on the scene makes it even more interesting.