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Supporting Small Business Growth through Business Mentoring, Strategy tools and Certification

‘Everyone should have a good mentor’ is a phrase that has gained considerable currency over recent decades which have seen mentoring reach the mainstream of human resource development practice and business support policy.

Why bother to give feedback?

We want all our team members to perform well in their roles, deliver their results, and hopefully have an enjoyable time while they are doing it.

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Using simulation to develop business mentoring and strategic capability amongst entrepreneurs

Developing business strategy skills to sustain and support the growth of start-up firms in an increasingly complex, uncertain and volatile environment can be a risky challenge.

Do we need leaders and managers in the workplace?

Recently I read two articles written by SharpstoneSkinner one called Love your managers* and the second called Leaders vs Managers – who would win?* And it got me thinking .!

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What makes a good business mentor for entrepreneurs?

“A Mentor is Someone Who Helps You to Wake-up and Smell the Coffee”

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Pioneering business mentoring in Europe

“A mentor helps people to get where they really want to go.”

How could this have happened?

As I write this question is ricocheting around Hollywood, post-Weinstein, and even the Houses of Parliament, leading in the first instance to Michael Fallon’s resignation. It is of course déjà vu. In the last decade the same cries went up after all the major governance crises - from the BBC and Jimmy Savile to the Catholic Church; from Parliament to the Mid Staffs Hospital Trust.

What has Business got to do with Politics?

What has business got to do with politics? Go to a business school and you might be hard-pressed to find any answer. Yet business has everything to do with politics: regulation, taxes, opportunities for enterprise; government investment in business and infrastructure; lobbying; corruption; the nature and purpose of business, and so on. The arrival of President Trump on the scene makes it even more interesting.