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Bloke-ification in a Feminising Industry

Do women have to start communicating and acting like men to have a successful career in a fast growing sector of the UK economy? In this post Dr Martina Topić  explores ‘bloke-ification’ and its implications in terms of equality, culture and leadership in the public relations and communications sector. 

Pandemic awareness, business models and (im)possible futures

In a series of five blogs published by the Real World Economic Review, Professor Jamie Morgan explores the development of pandemic awareness, public health business models and the construction of (im)possible futures.

The Phenomenon of Green Mothers

Heightened awareness and understanding of the impact of the sustainability agenda is impacting on society in many different ways.  In a recent article in Retail Review, Shannen Li identifes the emergence of ‘green mothers’ as an increasingly prominent segment of the consumer market that exert a significant influence on the values of the next generation.


European communication professionals face ethical challenges, technology and data threats as well as competency gaps

At the end of May I launched the 2020 European Communication Monitor (ECM) findings evaluating the trends in strategic communications across 44 countries in Europe.

Brochure Integrated Thinking

Integrated Thinking - A Key to Superior Value Creation

Society has become more informed and less tolerant since the advent of the internet and social media, particularly in light of increasing concerns over climate change, social inequity and injustices, corporate scandals and the 2008 global financial crisis. 


Economic policy under the coronavirus: an unconventional challenge

The COVID:19 (aka coronavirus) is hitting all aspects of human civilisation, including the global economy and international financial system.

International Women’s Day: Have we achieved equality?

Since 1911, International Women’s day has been celebrated on 8th March with the aim of ‘celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women’.

The Key Result of Women in Jorurnalism study

New Research Study reveals the 1970s Culture of UKs Newsrooms

A new study on women in journalism that Carmen Bruegmann and I conducted based on 20 qualitative interviews with women journalists working in the press, shows a disturbing culture of UK newsrooms, which resembles a culture of the 1970s.

Work Discrimination and Bias against Women in Public Relations Literature : A Full Circle of Women’s Plight for Equality

I recently released a report from my EUPRERA project on ‘Women in Public Relations’, which provided a systematic overview of four decades of research on women in public relations.

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Using simulation to develop business mentoring and strategic capability amongst entrepreneurs

Developing business strategy skills to sustain and support the growth of start-up firms in an increasingly complex, uncertain and volatile environment can be a risky challenge.

Front cover of the the report - "Bloke-ification as a social issue? The case study of women in the UK advertising industry."

Women in UK’s Advertising Industry: Female managers better bosses, but women not listened to

I recently completed an analysis of data on the UK’s advertising industry, which revealed some problematic findings.

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Social Enterprise on the Rise

Thursday 21 November is Social Enterprise Day, marking day four of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Productivity Performance: Hitting the High Notes together

Whilst the manufacturing sector in the UK has declined as the economy has become increasingly reliant upon services, it remains a significant part of the economy accounting for almost half of our exports and seventy percent of the UKs research and development (Oxford Economics.)

Trust survey reveals it’s not what is said but who said it that matters - External advocates more trusted than communications professionals

Over the past six months I have been working with colleagues from Germany and Italy exploring the issue of trust in different organisational stakeholders.

Stakeholders for Productivity Getting in the Right Orbit

There are plethora of potential stakeholders who are attempting to engage SME’s in helping them improve their productivity.

SME Internationalisation – Innovation through sharing research and practice

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are important for economic sustainability, not only because of their capacity to create jobs but also due to their innovativeness and agility. 

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Engaging with the UN Agenda for Sustainable Development: A role for Integrated Reporting in universities

The United Nations’ Transforming Our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is one of the most ambitious and important global agreements in recent history. The agenda, with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at its core, is a guide to tackling the world’s most pressing challenges – including ending poverty and bringing economic prosperity, social inclusion, environmental sustainability and good governance to all countries and all people.


Reshaping our Towns and Cities

At a conference earlier this year Bill Grimsey, author of two influential reviews on town centres, provided a vision for the future.

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Re-launch of the Independent Food and Drink Academy

Olga Munroe, Head of the Retail Institute at Leeds Business School welcomed business leaders, academics and others to the re-launch of the Independent Food and Drink Academy (IFDA).

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Life as a KTP Associate at Leeds Beckett

For over 40 years the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) has been a successful part-government funded initiative that has contributed towards the growth of Research and Innovation in businesses across the United Kingdom.

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What makes a good business mentor for entrepreneurs?

“A Mentor is Someone Who Helps You to Wake-up and Smell the Coffee”

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Pioneering business mentoring in Europe

“A mentor helps people to get where they really want to go.”

Measuring and mapping the productivity maze in smaller businesses

The Business School and Lloyds Bank continued their collaborative research partnership with a second productivity roundtable event. The roundtable provided an opportunity to combine research, knowledge briefings and conversations about improving productivity.

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Opportunities for Internationalisation of British SMEs

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can benefit greatly from internationalisation, as illustrated in a new report prepared by Dr Martina Topić. The research, which is funded by the EU as part of the Interreg COMPETE IN project, highlights opportunities abroad to show how businesses can internationalise, increase their profits, and engage with the global community.

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UK Government policy on Obesity

The role of the government is to set and influence the public health agenda, and where relevant set expectations and boundaries for associated actors that have a role in supporting healthy behaviours

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Innovative Solutions for Sustainability in Higher Education (ISSUE)

Professor David Devins and Dr Fiona Robertson were delighted to attend the first meeting of international partners working together on the ISSUE project.  

Retail briefing

The Future of Packaging

The Retail Institute’s inaugural Collaborative Industry Forum took place on 11th December 2018, looking at the Future of Packaging.

What are the Core Components of Communication Excellence?

The European Communication Monitor 2018 finds that excellent organisations both collect and use more information than ever before. Crucially, they also have effective leaders – although gaps in leadership skills and support exist across Europe. Insights from the largest transnational study on strategic communication worldwide.

Small Business Charter

Incubators and accelerators Small Business Charter Showcase Event

Professor George Lodorfos, Dean of Leeds Business School (LBS) welcomed fifty participants from universities in the UK to a Small Business Charter showcase event exploring University incubators and accelerators held at Cloth Hall Court in Leeds.

Productivity: Strictly not just the bottom line

Politicians, commentators and economists have been vexed about productivity in the UK for some time. This has been referred to as the 'productivity gap', that is, the difference in productivity between the UK and a range of comparable economies, such as the G8, or the ‘productivity puzzle’, the change from 2008 onwards where productivity has flatlined in contrast to the historic upward trend.

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Supporting small business growth

Young businesses that want to grow are being offered funded business support and expertise by Leeds Beckett University through an innovative business programme.

The Impact of Brexit on UK Businesses

It is over a year since the referendum vote signalled the start of Brexit, and in that time UK businesses have experienced mixed fortunes.