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European communication professionals face ethical challenges, technology and data threats as well as competency gaps

At the end of May I launched the 2020 European Communication Monitor (ECM) findings evaluating the trends in strategic communications across 44 countries in Europe.

International Women’s Day: Have we achieved equality?

Since 1911, International Women’s day has been celebrated on 8th March with the aim of ‘celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women’.

The Key Result of Women in Jorurnalism study

New Research Study reveals the 1970s Culture of UKs Newsrooms

A new study on women in journalism that Carmen Bruegmann and I conducted based on 20 qualitative interviews with women journalists working in the press, shows a disturbing culture of UK newsrooms, which resembles a culture of the 1970s.

Trust survey reveals it’s not what is said but who said it that matters - External advocates more trusted than communications professionals

Over the past six months I have been working with colleagues from Germany and Italy exploring the issue of trust in different organisational stakeholders.

Artificial Intelligence in communications

Knowledge, adoption and perceptions of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in strategic communication and public relations is one of the key topics explored in the European Communication Monitor 2019.

tea/ coffee in caddies

Sugary drinks tax is working – now it’s time to target cakes, biscuits and snacks

A sugar tax on soft drinks has now been in operation in the UK for more than a year and results so far seem to indicate it’s working. But campaigners say more still needs to be done and that the next target should be biscuits, cakes and snacks –- many of which contain high amounts of sugar.

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What are the Core Components of Communication Excellence?

The European Communication Monitor 2018 finds that excellent organisations both collect and use more information than ever before. Crucially, they also have effective leaders – although gaps in leadership skills and support exist across Europe. Insights from the largest transnational study on strategic communication worldwide.

Fact or fiction: Re-writing the text on gender inequalities in communication management

During our twelve years of studying the annual status of the profession through the European Communication Monitor and the Latin American Communication Monitor, we have also painted a picture of the gender issues in public relations and communication management practice.

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Excellent, Moi?

What constitutes excellence in strategic communication? This is a question we are often asked by business partners in the region.