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LSA End of Year Show: Architecture and Art & Design

Following the successful virtual launch last year, final year students from Leeds School of Arts have collaborated to present the School’s second online showcase.

Published on 03 Sep 2021
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Over 400 students from Architecture, Art and Design, Creative Technologies, Film, Music and Sound and Performing Arts courses will present work that responds to an evolving world and challenges our preconceptions about the future. The show launches at 2pm on Thursday 16th September. Here’s a sneak preview of what you can expect from our Architecture and Art & Design projects…


Beth Roddick

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture & Design student, Beth Roddick, designed 'The Black Box' for her end of year work. It's a new museum, primarily educating those on the Lockerbie Disaster along with the search for the truth and the moral and political dilemma of fake news on the Lockerbie Bombing Disaster in 1988. This project aims to understand society's political difficulties due to fake news and understand misinformation that tailgated the Lockerbie Disaster. 

Beth Roddick 1

Beth Roddick - The Black Box

Sean Townsend 

BA (Hons) Landscape Architecture & Design student, Sean Townsend, created a design to investigate how permaculture can benefit the urban environment. This involves creating a new productive urban forest in Leeds City Centre with climate change and wildlife in mind. The area is designed to be an ample green space with dense planting and walkways for people to pass through and enjoy. The use of permaculture principles will ensure the area has various plants that will act as a filter for removing pollutants in the air. The idea is to reduce the urban heat island effect, thus increasing evapotranspiration.

Sean Townsend 1

Sean Townsend - Woodhouse Green

Art & Design

Kelly Umpleby

BA (Hons) Fine Art student, Kelly Umpleby, created a Spatiotemporal Chamber that captivates the encounters of human interaction to create meaningful memories and experiences through the process of weaving. She reflected on family, friends, and interactions and how people connect to one another. The weaving in the chamber represents peoples physical trace, and the chamber becomes an anchor in time where people have shared an experience that binds them together.

Kelly Umpleby 3

Kelly Umpleby - Spatiotemporal Chamber

Vijay Brown

BA (Hons) Graphic Design student, Vijay Brown, designed a new social media brand called Rebel that aims to engage more South Asian women and girls in playing football. In countries such as India and Pakistan, grassroots sports clubs, especially women's football, are not as readily available as in the UK. Therefore, the idea behind Rebel is to scout talent and raise awareness of women's football and improve the quality of the game across the world. 

ViJay Brown 5

Vijay Brown - Rebel

Join us in celebrating our next generation of diverse and experimental creators at the Leeds School of Arts End of Year Show 2021. 

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