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First year Performing Arts student talks about how coronavirus has potentially created a new way to perform, digitally

Coronavirus has affected everyone in some sort of way, but first year student Beth tells us how she has adapted to the changes and how she has created a positive outcome from studying a creative course virtually.

 Bethany Cowton

Caitlin shares how she has been supported during the COVID-19 pandemic

Third year Performing Arts student Caitlin explains how the support from her tutors and peers has filled her with confidence for completing her final year.

 Caitlin Gorman

Infusing the challenges of COVID 19 into creating powerful performances

First year Theatre and Performance student Bethany started her university studies during the COVID 19 pandemic. She tells us how she adapted to a new way of learning, and even learnt to infuse the challenges she faced into creating performance work.

 Bethany Long

Sounds Good

BA (Hons) Music Performance and Production student Cameron Naylor talks about his recent involvement in the ‘Sounds Good’ installation at Leeds City Museum and describes how he created his piece.

 Cameron Naylor

LSA Festival Student Stories: Ricardo Mascarenhas / Computer Animation & Visual Effects

Ricardo Mascarenhas is a BSc (Hons) Computer Animation & Visual Effects student. In this Vlog Ricardo talks about his journey as a designer and is very honest about some of the personal challenges he has overcome.

 Ricardo Mascarenhas
Still from 'The Little Witch' animation

LSA Festival Student Stories: Poppy Marlow / Computer Animation & Visual Effects

Poppy Marlow is a BSc (Hons) Computer Animation & Visual Effects student. Hear her talk about her journey to university, how she has built up her skills and some of amazing opportunites to collaborate she has found.

 Poppy Marlow

LSA Festival student stories: Alicia Jassner / Landscape and Design

Hi! I’m a recent graduate from the BA landscape and design course and I’d like to share my experiences from the ‘Design and Community Project’.

 Alicia Jassner

LSA Festival Student Stories: Max McNeil / Product Design

For my final module of the year I entered a live client competition brief run by The Retail Institute partnered with Slingsby Gin and Allied Glass. The prizes available came in the form of week long work placements, keeping this in mind helped me to stay motivated and on task.


LSA Festival Student Stories: Andrew Grainger / Product Design

Product Design relies on practical skills, tangible modelling and in-person user feedback. The course is structured to allow student development in a combination of practical and academic environments. 

 Andrew Grainger

LSA Festival Student Stories: Poppy Brown / Filmmaking

We are excited to announce Northern Film School Documentary Specialist and BA (Hons) Filmmaking student, Poppy Brown, has been awarded a place on the prestigious and extremely competitive Grierson Doc Lab for 2020/21.

 Poppy Brown
Sketch of the clothing created by student, Ellen Price

LSA Festival Student Stories: Ellen Price / Fashion

On one hand I was about to enter my final year studying fashion, a subject I love and am passionate about. On the other hand I was volunteering in Holbeck for a local charity that support women who are caught in life crippling addictions, many who have turned to street prostitution to support their habit.

 Ellen price

LSA Festival Student Stories: Adam Alcock / Music Technology

The goal of this piece is to create a thought-provoking view of Mass Surveillance in our society, leaving the viewer with an unsettling awareness of its intrusive nature in our lives. It uses cameras, sensors, speakers, and the internet, to observe, analyse, and highlight surveillance in our everyday lives, through the medium of sound, video, and data.


LSA Festival Student Stories: Jakub Maziarski / Creative Media Technology

'Coach's Bestfriend' is a printed basketball playbook, which has been created to make teaching and instructing easier for coaches.

A display of items at London Design Museum

LSA Festival Student Stories: Adam Bishop / Product Design

COVID-19: How Did it Affect my Design Studies?

This year has definitely been an interesting one, one that I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. I’m Adam, a Product Design Student basically finishing my last year, hopefully studying MA 3D Design when I next return to Leeds Beckett University.

Adam, a young man in his 20s with red hair and a beard Adam Bishop
Image of Eleanor - a woman in her early 20s with red hair

LSA Festival Student Stories: Eleanor Sanctuary / Music Performance & Production

Music Performance & Production student Eleanor talks about her final year project and overcoming the problems raised by COVID-19 in order to record and release her own EP, 'Sanctuary'.

 Eleanor Sanctuary

LSA Festival Student Stories: Abbie Jenna / Fashion

As part of the build-up to the Leeds School of Arts Virtual Festival in July, Fashion student Abbie talks about her journey to Leeds Beckett, the support she has receieved whilst studying here, becoming a mum and how her final year dissertation on femininity in fashion was a success, despite the challenges posed by Covid-19.

 Abbie Jenna Parrott