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Steve Taylor Launches Exciting Publications

Here in the Leeds School of Social Sciences, our academic staff take part in a wide variety of research projects that address key societal issues and make a difference to the lives of people and communities.

Clear Light Front Cover

Senior Lecturer in Psychology, Steve Taylor, is amongst these academics and has recently led research projects exploring experiences of loss and grief in different groups. Steve is also a poet, and in November, he published his latest book of poetry, The Clear Light.

Taylor led a research group of fellow Leeds Beckett academics who received funding to evaluate the experiences of asylum seekers and refugees in West Yorkshire. This important project centered around the trauma faced by the participants, and how they coped with it. The findings have been published in the journal ‘Traumatology’ as the paper 'Loss, grief, and growth: An interpretative phenomenological analysis of experiences of trauma in asylum seekers and refugees'.

Taylor’s other recent papers include a study of transformational experiences following bereavement. This focused on sixteen individuals who reported such experiences, and found that bereavement was a powerful trigger of personal growth, even to the point of spiritual awakening. The paper has been published in The Humanistic Psychologist. Another of Steve’s papers, published in the Journal of Humanistic Psychology, explores Time Expansion Experiences (TEEs) that occur when a person’s normal experience of time slows down or expands significantly, such as in accidents or emergencies.

In addition to publishing groundbreaking research insights, Taylor has published a new collection of poetry The Clear Light. To mark the release, he held an online launch event on  November 2nd. The book is a collection of poetic spiritual writings, with a foreword by Eckhart Tolle. You can order the book here

In terms of what’s next, Taylor is awaiting the publication of his new paper on the psychological phenomenon of “group flow," focused on two of his favourite bands, Black Sabbath and Joy Division. It has been accepted by the journal “Metal Music Studies” and will add to his list of exciting publications. As well he participated in the 2 December BBC’s Moral Maze on Radio 4 evaluating moral issue behind a selected news story. You can find the recording here.

Dr Steven Taylor

Senior Lecturer / Leeds School Of Social Sciences

Steve Taylor teaches mainly on the Psychology and Society course, and is the Module Leader for Consciousness Studies and Positive Psychology. He is a widely published and well known author of books on psychology and self-development.

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