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Reflections on Joe Biden's inauguration speech

Professor John Craig, Dean of the School of Social Sciences, has provided a feature for the Yorkshire Evening Post, giving his perspective on Joe Biden's inauguration speech on Wednesday 20 January.

John Craig

In his article, Professor Craig states that Biden's speech was 'a strong start but there are tough times ahead'. 

Comparing this speech with those of other momentous Presidential inaugurations, he considers how Biden's speech may be remembered in years to come, the backdrop of the party politics Biden will have to negotiate, and the challenges and considerations he will face in order to turn the the success of his inauguration into the foundation of a successful presidency.

For the full article visit the YEP website.

Professor John Craig

Dean of School / Leeds School Of Social Sciences

Professor John Craig joined Leeds Beckett University as Head of School of Social, Psychological and Communication Sciences in August 2015. He is a political scientist, with a strong research and applied interest in teaching and learning.

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