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LSSS graduate is helping Covid19 patients find their voices once again

BSc (Hons) Speech and Language Therapy alumnDr Camilla Dawson has been helping patients with issues related to speech during the Covid19 recovery process.

Dr. Dawson’s work as a consultant speech and language therapist at Queen Elizabeth Hospital has been highlighted in a BBC article. During the pandemic, many patients have been left unable to talk, eat, or drink due to spending weeks on ventilators. The article highlights the fundamental role both Dr. Dawson and the team of speech therapists have played in aiding their recovery. Since the outbreak, Dr. Dawson along with other front-line staff have been working as hard as possible to provide the best care for patients. Many Covid19 survivors are continuing with speech therapy sessions and the NHS has a dedicated websiteYour Covid Recovery to help identify any potential issues.  

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