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My Experience Working for the LBU Cold Case Unit

Criminology student Louisa Bass shares her experience of being part of the Cold Case Unit.

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Louisa Bass
Published on 24 Feb 2021

I came to Leeds Beckett University to study Criminology with the ultimate dream of becoming a detective. I have always had an interest in crime, rehabilitation, and in particular solving cases. I was very interested when I got the opportunity to become part of the Leeds Beckett University Cold Case Unit (CCU), it was an offer I couldn’t turn down.


Our team initially began looking into the case of Charles Horvath-Allan who went missing over 30 years ago in Kelowna, British Colombia. We have used various techniques when looking into the case to try and uncover new facts.


Being on the team has provided me with a range of skills in teamwork, IT, investigation, and communication. The CCU has also given me the chance to gain some leadership experience and organisational skills since being appointed Senior Investigative Officer. Aside from the investigation itself, I have most enjoyed being in weekly contact with the team, sharing and discussing various lines of enquiry.


Find out more about the Cold Case Unit.

Louisa Bass

Louisa studies BA (Hons) Criminology in Leeds School of Social Sciences. 

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