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Why Social Sciences Matters

At Leeds School of Social Sciences, we believe that the Social Sciences can help to make the world a better place for individuals, families, communities, and nations, and play an important part in tackling the major problems we currently face. 

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While amazing work has been done to understand the science of issues such as climate change and ill-health, achieving change often comes down to understanding what drives patterns of human behaviour. To do this, we engage with people and communities to hear diverse voices and perspectives, that can help to shed light on the challenges we all face and identify effective and sustainable solutions.

To celebrate the work that we undertake, over the next 10 weeks we will be sharing stories and voices from across the School.  We will showcase the research, teaching and knowledge-exchange activities undertaken by academics and students at Leeds School of Social Sciences that addresses the ‘big issues’ we face as society. 

Each week we will pick a different theme identified in the Campaign for Social Sciences list of 10 Reasons why you need social science and share an example a day of the work that we are doing to address this.  We hope this will provide an insight into the breadth of our knowledge and expertise, as well as the diverse opportunities available within our School.

We kick-off this week with the theme of how Social scientists help us imagine alternative futures. Follow the hashtag #TenReasons so as not to miss any.

Professor John Craig

Dean of School / Leeds School Of Social Sciences

Professor John Craig joined Leeds Beckett University as Head of School of Social, Psychological and Communication Sciences in August 2015. He is a political scientist, with a strong research and applied interest in teaching and learning.

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