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Alumni spotlight | India Benjamin, BA (Hons) Psychology


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Hi! I’m India. I moved to Leeds for university in 2011, fell in love with the city and have lived here ever since. I’m a huge foodie, which makes Leeds the ideal city to be in, although I love exploring other cities (both in the UK and worldwide). I’ve been working in digital marketing since I graduated, which feels like a million years ago now!

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you've been doing since you graduated

It feels like forever ago since I graduated, and so much has happened! I’ve been steadily working my way up the career ladder in digital marketing, bought a house and started a Leeds food Instagram account – @outinleeds – which has over 10k followers. I mostly spend my time eating out and exploring in Leeds; the city is constantly changing so there’s always new places to visit, which I love.

What have been the highlights and challenges of your career so far?

The main challenge for me was getting my first job – even though I had a part-time internship, I struggled with the ‘you haven’t got enough experience’ conundrum when I was applying for jobs. Eventually, someone took the chance based on my potential rather than experience, and since then it’s been onwards and upwards.

I’ve worked with some really cool brands and on some big campaigns in the last few years, but a highlight for me is the confidence I gained – I’ve had my own work featured in national publications and I have freelance clients on top of my work, something I would have never felt able to do a few years ago!

How has your experience studying at Leeds Beckett influenced you and your career?

I decided to study psychology as I was interested in a career in clinical psychology, however, volunteering for a mental health phone service made me realise that it wasn’t quite right for me. In our third year we studied consumer behaviour, which I found really interesting, so I started exploring the world of marketing, which gave me a place to look for roles when I graduated.

What advice would you give someone thinking about studying this course?

Go into it open minded! We get asked to choose what we want to study at such a young age, before we really know what job opportunities there are. Psychology translates really well into a lot of career options (those infamous transferable skills), so if you start university wanting to do one thing and leave wanting to do another, that’s absolutely fine!

What's next for you?

I’ve never really believed in five-year plans if I’m honest, I tend to take opportunities based on if they feel right for me at the time, so I have no idea what’s next for me right now! I’m in a good place currently; I have a great work-life balance and I enjoy what I do so it depends what comes along.

What will your story be?

Studying with us is a great choice, check out some of our courses and see for yourself!

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